Chemical Misconceptions - Prevention, Diagnosis, and Cure (2 Volumes)

I usually avoid writing in this space about materials that one might use directly in the classroom, since I am trying encourage teachers to expand their scope. However, this two -volume set recently published by the Royal Society of Chemistry is enough to make me change the rules. Keith Taber has clearly spent a great deal of time researching the causes of student misconceptions about chemistry. The first volume of the set provides the basis for understanding impediments to student learning, and suggests strategies for overcoming them. Volume 2 is conveniently wire-bound to facilitate the copying of the worksheets, transparencies, and diagrams that it contains. The books are both very oriented toward the development of mental models and pictorial representations of chemical systems, rather than the memorization of facts. I will be using some of the materials from these two very interesting books in the workshops that accompany the introductory chemistry class I am now teaching. Because chemistry is introduced to younger children in the UK than here, even more of the material could be used directly in junior high school or high school courses. The principles of teaching apply at any level. One can download student worksheets from this publication from theLearnNet Web site.

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Keith Taber

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Saturday, January 1, 2000