Building a Better Teacher: Can Educators Be Educated About How to Educate?

Could it be possible that much of the education "reform" that everybody seems to be seeking might be accomplished through teaching teachers how to use a toolbox of effective classroom management techniques? That is the thesis of Doug Lemov, proprietor of a fleet of charter schools called "Uncommon Schools" and author of a book to be published by Jossey-Bass next month, "Teach Like a Champion". He claims that a deep understanding of how students learn is also essential, and has partnered with the Learning Mathematics for Teaching Project at the University of Michigan. I recommend looking at the released items from their Mathematics Knowledge for Teaching assessment. Much of what I see at the Uncommon Schools site is reminiscent of the well-worn Harry Wong (see his The First Days of School approach, which also has proved successfull with teachers I know who have used it.

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Elizabeth Green

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Sunday, March 7, 2010