Photo Release Form for Adult Subject

Chemical Education Xchange Model Release Form

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I am preparing material to be published at Chemical Education Xchange (, an online community of chemistry educators.

I would like your permission to include a copy of the attached photograph(s) in which you appear. To indicate your permission, please sign and date the statement below and return this form to me.

I appreciate your prompt response.


I hereby grant Chemical Education Xchange royalty-free permission, including non-exclusive world rights in all languages, to reproduce in all formats including but not limited to print, electronic and web-based to reproduce and include my likeness as shown in the attached photocopy(ies) of photograph(s) for Chemical Education Xchange.

Agree to and accepted:

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Check one: 

_____  I am the person in the photograph(s).

 _____  I am the authorized agent of the person in the photograph(s).

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