JCE Classroom Activities

Our sister publication, the Journal of Chemical Education (JCE) publishes activities suitable for use in the classroom. JCE Classroom Activities, formerly a regular feature in JCE, presented activities suited for the classroom as two pages—one page for the student doing the activity, one page for the teacher whose classroom is performing the activity. JCE continues to publish many activities suitable for classroom use and no longer constrained by the two-page presentation format. This compilation includes all the JCE Classroom Activities plus similar JCE articles that have been published more recently.

Figure 1 - Materials used in JCE Classroom Activity #92


ChemEd X is interested in updating the Classroom Activities and/or adding additional resources to support teachers that use them. Tom Kuntzleman created a video of Classroom Activity #92: Testing for Iodine in Table Salt and added some useful tips. You might have a modified worksheet or an assessment to share. If you have resources that align with a JCE Classroom Activity or have an update, please share by commenting on the specific activity or by contributing a revision. You can also reach us through our contact form.