ACS James Bryant Conant Awards

The national ACS James Bryant Conant award was established in 1965 to encourage and recognize outstanding high school chemistry teachers.  Candidates are chosen based upon evidence of high quality teaching, ability to challenge and inspire, extracurricular activities that support their work and pursuit of continued improvement of their role as an educator. The award will be sponsored by the Journal of Chemical Education and ChemEd X with a permanent endowment beginning in 2017. .

Information about many of the Conant Award Winners can be found below.


2020  Derrick C. Wood, Conestoga High School

2018  Brian John Kennedy,

2017 Laura Slocum, Heathwood Hall Episcopal School, Columbia, South Carolina

2016 Julia Winters, Detroit Country Day, Beverly Hills, Michigan

2015 Jenelle L Ball, Chico Unified School District, Chico, CA (J& )

2014 Kathleen A. Kitzmann, Mercy High School, Farmington Hills, MI ( & )


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1996 David Pysnik

1995 Robert J. Lewis

1994 Lee Marek

1993 Michael J. Bannon

1992 Lois Fruen

1991 Mary E. Key

1990 John Liebermann, Jr.

1989 Clifford L. Schrader

1988 Edmund J. Escudero

1987 Mary C. Johnson

1986 Ronald I. Perkins

1985 Douglas D. Smith

1984 Douglas A. Halsted

1983 Janet A. Harris

1982 Robert Roe, Jr.

1981 Floyd F. Sturtevant

1980 Evelyn R. Bank

1979 Shirley E. Richardson

1978 Samuel H. Perlmutter

1977 Sidney P. Harris

1976 Dorthea H. Hoffmann

1975 George W. Stapleton

1974 Wallace J. Gleekman

1973 Melvin Greenstadt