November 2014 ChemEd X Newsletter

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Join Us In Professionalizing Your Career - Journal of Chemical Education Associate Editor, Greg Rushton, invites ChemEd X readers to become JCE reviewers and/or authors.


Utilizing Google Forms - Lowell Thomson shares how he uses Google Forms in his blended chemistry course.


When the Ideal Gas Law Fails - Tom Kuntzelman shares a video involving liquid nitrogen called the " Bucket Launch". You have to see it!


Simple Activities to Integrate Particle -Level Diagrams – Erica Adams uses particle-level diagrams as part of the modelling curriculum and provides suggestions you can use in your own classroom.


Conclusions From Evidence - This post explores ways teachers can help support and scaffold the process of making claims and drawing conclusions on the basis of evidence. Written by Shelly Belleau.


Stoichiometry Fireworks Lab Quiz  – David Licata is a retired chemistry teacher from California. He is in the process of submitting many of the stoichiometry materials he found useful during his career, including this lab quiz.


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