January 2015 ChemEd X Newsletter

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Happy New Year!

We hope that you have found some inspiration for your classroom from ChemEd X during 2014. The number of teachers using ChemEd X resources continues to grow and we look forward to serving the community in 2015. Check out recent highlights from ChemEd X listed below. Also, you are invited to check out the

Wishing you peace and joy!

Deanna Cullen


David Licata, a retired high school chemistry teacher from California, shares his experience with stoichiometry and a three-week lesson plan that includes activities, a lab quiz and even an original song titled “Stoichiometry is Easy” available for you to play for your students.


– Larry Dukerich is a former high school physics and chemistry teacher from Arizona and founding workshop leader of the ASU Modeling Instruction Program. He shares a conceptual approach to stoichiometry using a BCA (before–change–after) chart that when paired with particle diagrams helps students develop a conceptual understanding of stoichiometry.


– Erica Jacobsen shares her review of this PBS series that premiered in Oregon. A national release is expected for 2015. Read Erica’s post to find links to video and other teaching resources. 


– Bob Worley offers his opinion of the value of the MSDS sheet. Do you agree?


– Tom Kuntzleman provides video of his experiments with cellulose nitrate, a component of ping pong balls and guitar picks along with some interesting history.

If you like this, also take a look at Tom's latest post, .


– Lowell Thomson’s students asked him to review for a recent test using Google Hangout. Lowell shares his experience and some tips.


- As part of a continuing series of workshops, Dan Meyers of Michigan revised a lab to meet the NGSS guidelines. You can also find two blog posts ( and ) about what he is learning in NGSS professional development. 


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