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Dear Readers,

My fall classes just began this past week and I am working to learn new names and get to know my students for this school year. It has been an exciting start! On the first day, I performed demos, including the , for my chemistry classes. On the second day, they competed in the . We had a great discussion the next day and I am confident the activity was worth the effort to help me build a culture of collaboration. Re-reading Allison Tarvin's post helped me focus my planning on some ideas and reminders I had appreciated on my first read last spring. I am looking forward to trying out the for the first time next week, too! I feel so fortunate to have this community at ChemEd X that helps me find great ideas for my planning and inspires me as I begin this new year!

Wishing you all a fantastic school year!

Deanna Cullen


Get ready for a splash of color during this year’s National Chemistry Week (NCW) celebration, October 18–24, 2015. The theme “Chemistry Colors Our World!” gives a chance to explore the chemistry of dyes, pigments, and light. You can view the archived webinar from Erica's post or follow the link to the ACS website for even more ideas in preparation for next month's celebration.

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If you are looking for a way to help students review safety protocols, the Laboratory Safety Institute offers a PDF of What Not To Do. Read Doug Ragan's post for more information.


If you use Modeling Instruction or other inquiry based pedagogy, you will be interested in reading Erica's thoughts about building a culture of trust and helping students understand the relationship between failures and learning.

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Tracy has been working on a series of posts about project based learning. In this part, she outlines the steps she uses to walk her students through the process of completing the unit long project.


Tom offers an idea that fits in with the National Chemistry Week theme - Chemistry Colors Our World! This is a great consumer chemistry idea as well!

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We have a variety of recent PICKS to check out. is a must see resource specifically published for chemistry teachers. Doug offers a review of the recent . provides teachers with graphs connected with assignments designed to help students analyze data. If you are looking for an , you will want to read Tracy's review of the Pasco version. Do you have a chemistry teacher resource you would like to share? .


The September 2015 issue of the Journal of Chemical Education is now available online to subscribers. This issue includes articles on flipped classroom; introductory and general chemistry; organic chemistry activities; biochemistry demonstrations and labs; computer-based learning; chemical education research; from the archive: chemistry in context. Mary offers many related articles from the archives as well.

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