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We think there is color, we think there is sweet, we think there is bitter, but in reality there are atoms and a void. ~ Democritus



Face to face professional development provides the opportunity for teachers to learn from and share with other teachers. This post provides an example of one of the many great ideas that I have learned from other teachers. 


Video tutorials are paramount to learning for many students. The author shares several YouTube Channels that he uses to support his students. 


There are several ways that readers can gain access to the Journal of Chemical Education (JCE). View a recent AACT webinar and/or read other resources to support the use of the Journal of Chemical Education as a resource for teaching and learning. Find out more about ACS Journal articles (including JCE) that are open access to readers without a subscription.


There are many activities that can be used to cover the topics of percent composition, empirical and molecular formulas and hydrates. Percent composition of sugar in a piece of bubble gum is an easy activity to begin the unit with.



When it comes to student laboratory/apparatus setup, one thing is sure to help—visuals. There is a free and incredibly easy tool that allows you to assemble and customize almost any chemistry related setup you wish. Say hello to Chemix!


ChemEd X appreciates those chemistry education stake-holders that support us by sharing our resources with the chemistry education community. If you are hosting a symposium or preparing for a workshop, meeting or presentation, we will provide you with ChemEd X materials as long as supplies last. 


Erica Jacobsen regularly highlights JCE articles that are of special interest to high school teachers. This month, she writes about an article that offers step by step instructions, along with an explanation of the science, for a tie dye activity from the JCE special issue: Polymer Concepts Across the Curriculum. 


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