June 2015 ChemEd X Newsletter

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Summer break has just begun for me and I am still processing how the year went. I am doing some self-reflection of my teaching strategies, evaluating the new curriculum that I used and organizing my “To Do” list for the summer. I already know that I want to rewrite some labs and refine some lessons geared to help my students develop skills in using CER (claims, evidence, reasoning). Of course, it is my summer break and I want to take advantage of time with family and friends, making time to relax and rejuvenate. But, I find that if I organize my thoughts on the front end of some downtime, I often generate ideas without much effort at random times. The slower pace of summer break revitalizes my creativity. I hope that you have some time to refresh too!

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Many students identify videos as a method of choice for free time learning, however they often struggle to hear and make sense of the chemistry content of teaching videos. Guide your students in developing video-viewing skills that foster understanding of complex concepts.



Explore the tenets of project based learning. Tracy shares her experience and provides suggestions for how you might try it in your own classroom.


See the value of creating a report to analyze and evaluate data from your own classroom research. 


There are many reasons why you may want to create a time-lapse video. Check out what Lowell has to say about his recent experience.


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 - Extending and Deepening Student Understanding

Mary provides a thoughtful summary of the contents of this month's issue as well as highlights from the archives.




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