April 2017 ChemEd X Newsletter

Earth Day 2017 is upon us. The theme is: Chemistry Feeds Our World. The first highlighted post below, Investigations of Chemicals in Natural Food Coloring. Part 3: Sunflower, is an excellent resource. I just recently compiled a short list of  that will hopefully inspire you to recognize and celebrate the day with your students. We have highlighted some of the other content published over the past month in this newsletter as well. 

“You cannot get through a single day without having an impact on the world around you. What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make.” – Jane Goodall


Deanna Cullen


This is the last in a three-part series in which several experiments and demonstrations that can be done with "Color from Nature" food dyes are described. A box of McCormick’s Color from Nature food dyes contains three packets of dyes: Sky Blue, Berry, and Sunflower. In this post, the author explores the chemistry of the Sunflower dye. 


Regardless of the topic being taught, we can all think of situations or concepts where students typically resort to a more procedural way of thinking. The author discusses the struggle to overcome the attraction students have to approaching problems with an algorithmic or procedural mindset. 


The author created an excel document that allows him to quickly and easily plug in a couple of student data points from a stoichiometry lab and determine how well the student performed on the procedure and data collection parts of the lab. Check it out for yourself.


The author, Tracy Schloemer, discusses how she has modified assessments to meet the needs of her students. She offers a few examples and provides links to helpful resources. 


How do you compile student data? You might use the spreadsheet linked to this post. It can be modified to fit other needs as well. The author submitted the file after reading Chad Husting's blog post .


The James Bryant Conant Award was established in 1965 and has had several sponsors. The award is intended to recognize, encourage, and inspire outstanding teachers of high school chemistry. It is fitting that the Journal of Chemical Education and ChemEd X have established an endowment that will permanently fund the award. This post traces the steps taken by the 2017 Conant Awardee. 


Erica Jacobsen regularly highlights JCE articles that are of special interest to high school teachers. This month, she highlights articles related to this year's theme for Earth Day, Chemistry Helps Feed the World. If you would like to explore the whole issue in more depth, check out Mary Saecker's .


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