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The Evolution of Bond Theory

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In chemistry lectures we have little time to discuss the history of chemistry. This simulation begins with the development of valence concepts in the 19th century. We will step back into the 19th century to see how theories of chemical combination changed during that time.

Werner and Jørgensen Bond Theory

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This simulation begins in the period around 1870 when chemistry is beginning to be organized. The concept, introduced by Kekulé and Couper, of tetravalent carbon atoms capable of linking to each other has permitted the rise of structural concepts in organic chemistry.

Solid State Resources

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Solid State Resources helps instructors integrate materials science examples into introductory chemistry courses.

A Window on the Solid State

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A Window on the Solid State helps students understand and instructors present the structural features of solids.

Periodic Table Live!

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Periodic Table Live! may not include everything you ever wanted to know about the elements, but it will probably answer any question you aren't afraid to ask. The third edition includes a new interactive graphing and sorting capability.

Lake Study

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Lake Study for Windows is a two-part simulation designed to involve students with the scientific method. It allows them to collect data, formulate hypotheses, and test the hypotheses with controlled experiments.