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The About JCE section of JCE Online described the organization of the Journal of Chemical Education. Included were the list of Features that appeared in JCE publications; the four areas of JCE publications: Journal of Chemical Education, JCE Software, JCE Online and JCE Books; the operational structure of JCE; the JCE Outreach program, and contact information for the various JCE offices and services. The information in this section of JCE Online is now spread about in various locations.

Features have been retired from the Journal with a few exceptions. Some Feature collections are now manuscript types. You will still find Editorials, Commentary, Reports, Book and Media Reviews, Demonstrations, Laboratory Experiments, and Chemical Education Research in the Journal. You will still find online, digital resources here at ChemEd X.

JCE has consolidated its publication offerings from four to two. Instead of publications in the four media areas of a monthly print publication (the Journal of Chemical Education), software on physical digital media (JCE Software), online digital resources (JCE Online), and books (JCE Books), we now offer two with two distinct web presences, the Journal of Chemical Education and Chemical Education Xchange. 

The JCE outreach program/office that provided outreach materials on behalf of the Division of Chemical Education is no longer available. The Journal of Chemical Education continues to offer those willing to evangelize for it a collection of materials made available through the ACS Publications marketing office. Please contact Freddy Tellez, the Journal martketing coordinator with your request.

Freddy Tellez
Associate Marketing Manager
Publications Division, Sales & Marketing
1155 16th Street, NW
Washington, DC 20036

p: (202) 872.8075
email: f_tellez@acs.org

Contact information for items of concern to the Journal can be found at the Journal web site. Contact Chemical Education Xchange using this contact form.

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