Webinar- Chemistry Education Today for the World in 2050

Since the COVID-19 pandemic burst onto the world stage in early 2020, science educators have reflected on how to teach and learn on-line or in hybrid modes. And as such great strategies to make the best of challenging circumstances have come forward! But there has been less deep reflection on what we teach and learn, especially in light of the massive disruption to the lives of students and educators, the public, and the planet caused by the pandemic.

This webinar presentation, sponsored by the , draws on the work of a global initiative to unpack and implement systems thinking into chemistry education curricula. It also will feature interactive visualizations created by the King's Centre for Visualization in Science (). For pre-webinar background, attendees might find it helpful to check out two recent ACS editor's choice publications in the Journal of Chemical Education (JCE). Both articles are OPEN ACCESS. Click on the following two links for free access-  and .

To register for the free webinar below,  (www.2yc3.org/php/meetings.php).

What: Chemistry Education Today for the World in 2050 (Webinar)

Who: Peter Mahaffy, PhD, Professor of Chemistry and Director of King's Centre for Visualization in Science

When: Friday, Nov. 13 (noon PST/ 1 pm MST/ 2 pm CST/ 3 pm EST)

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November 13, 2020, 1:00 pm to 2:00 pm