K-8 Day at BCCE

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The Biennial Conference on Chemical Education (BCCE) is preparing an engaging program for K-8 teachers interested in teaching physical science or chemistry concepts in their classrooms.

This summer marks the 25th BCCE meeting and the first time the organizers have developed programming for the K-8 community. The American Association of Chemistry Teachers (AACT) is hosting a morning of presentations. The BCCE organizers are hosting the afternoon. The afternoon presenters are from the local STEM community, and their presentations will focus on strategies and activities at the different grade level bands. These presentations are open to all chemistry educators interested in these topics. The K-1 grade band presenters will conduct an activity on solids using a literacy lens, and do an activity using the three pillars of the NSTA Next Generation Science Standards to help teachers learn to make their lessons "3D". Teachers in the 2-3 grade band will participate in a "You be the Chemist" activity from the Chemical Heritage Foundation, and will learn to engage their students in notebooks, writing, and talking in their classrooms. The 4-6 grade band presentations include an activity about measuring mass indirectly, as well as learn to implement a chemical engineering service-learning activity. Teachers in the 7-8 grade band will learn more about about the misconceptions of fire and energy transformations, and will learn how "flipping" her chemistry classroom helped this presenter engage her students. Although advertised as K-8, the presentations are available to anyone attending the BCCE, K-16.

BCCE 2018 will be at Notre Dame in Southbend, Indiana July 29 thru August 2. The K-8 program is scheduled for July 30th.

The registration fee for K-8 teachers is $75, but there is a scholarship available that will cover the cost. Scholarship applications are due May 15th. An administrative statement of support is required. 

Registration is now open!

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July 30, 2018, 7:00 am to 4:00 pm