Announcing a Unique Virtual Conference: Chemistry Instruction for the Next Generation

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This conference is now closed.

Registration is now open for the inaugural Chemical Education Xchange Conference with a theme of Chemistry Instruction for the Next Generation. Recent chemical education research has informed the expectations of the Next Generation Science Standards and the revised AP chemistry curriculum along with changing expectations at the postsecondary level. The Journal of Chemical Education is sponsoring the virtual conference to support the chemistry education community by bringing together chemistry education researchers and chemistry educators at the secondary and postsecondary level to address the implications of increasing the use of student-centered strategies. The sessions are led by authors selected from among those who have published recent articles, activities and research in JCE on the topic of student-centered instruction in chemistry.

Using the ChemEd X Conference platform allows the authors to augment their published articles with additional information and resources beyond those offered in their original publication. The original JCE article, other online materials that the author chooses to share and ensuing conversation can be distributed to conference attendees using various digital technologies such as email, text messaging, Twitter and Facebook in addition to the ChemEd X Conference web site. The organizers hope to engage high school chemistry teachers, pre-service chemistry education students, professors working with pre-service students, chemical education researchers and anyone else with a stake in improving chemistry education in this conference.

The homepage of the Chemistry Education for the Next Generation conference offers a schedule of the sessions and provides specific details about the conference. Each consecutive session will last several days. Participants wishing to attend a specific session will have access to all of the materials the author(s) has provided and have ample time to construct thoughtful commentary. Invited authors and those posting comments should respond to questions in a timely fashion. The organizers anticipate that the conversation may serve to help bridge the gap between research and practice and help inform decisions as our community integrates student-centered strategies and improved chemistry education practice./p>

The conference is hosted by precollege associate editors of JCE: Greg Rushton of Stony Brook University in New York and Deanna Cullen of Whitehall High School in Michigan. Cullen is also the editor of ChemEd X. The conference website offers information pages with details about registering for the conference and also attending sessions. Only those who create an account at ChemEd X Conferences can participate in the conversation. All chemistry education researchers and educators are invited to register free of charge. JCE has made all of the articles open access for registered attendees.

The conference is scheduled to run May 8–27, 2017. The Conference opens on May 8th with an introduction from the organizers. The presentation for session #1 opens on this day as well and that session will be open for conversation May 10 - 12.

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May 8, 2017, 8:00 am to May 27, 2017, 10:59 pm