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Journal of Chemical Education November 2019 Cover

Mentoring the Next Generation

The November 2019 issue of the Journal of Chemical Education is now available to subscribers. Topics featured in this issue include: biochemistry and visualizations; fostering effective explanations and instructions; learning through games and contests; green chemistry; investigations involving light; discovery-based laboratories; innovations in teaching; chemistry teacher experiences; foundations of chemistry; from the archive: infrared imaging.

Cover: Biochemistry Visualizations through Virtual Reality

Virtual reality (VR) is an affordable, high-quality commodity hardware that can offer new ways to teach, communicate, and engage with complex molecular topics while enabling students to become comfortable with emerging simulation and visualization approaches. In , Simon J. Bennie, Kara E. Ranaghan, Helen Deeks, Heather E. Goldsmith, Michael B. O’Connor, Adrian J. Mulholland, and David R. Glowacki describe a traditional computational chemistry class complemented by an additional component using real-time interactive molecular dynamics simulations in VR (iMD-VR) and show that iMD-VR is an effective and practical tool for demonstrating biochemical processes to undergraduate students. 

Additional articles on visualizations and structures:

~ Anna E. Lohning, Susan Hall, and Shailandra Dukie

~ Jennifer E. Lineback and Ariane L. Jansma

~ Noel M. Paul, Ryan J. Yoder, and Christopher S. Callam

~ Marie-Charlotte Belhomme, Stéphanie Castex, and Arnaud Haudrechy

Additional biochemistry-focused content:

~ Kestutis G. Bendinskas, Ashley J. Canning, and Ashlee E. Smith

~ Josiah W. Johnson, Christian D. Mitchell, Anna M. Deloach, Hannah E. Simpson, and Tori B. Dunlap

~ Ji-Zheng Sun, Yu-Jing Tang, Rong-Bo Sa, and Yan-Xia Gao


Thomas Holme, Editor-in-Chief Designee, discusses .

Fostering Effective Explanations and Instructions

~ Johann Seibert, Christopher W. M. Kay, and Johannes Huwer

~ David J. Paterson

~ Michaela Zeiner, Petra Viehauser, and Christina Steiner-Friedmann

~ Lisa Hibbard

~ Devki Kothari, Ariana O. Hall, Carol Ann Castañeda, and Anne J. McNeil

~ John Rose, Richard Pennington, Derek Behmke, David Kerven, Robert Lutz, and Julia E. Barker Paredes

~ Kyle N. Plunkett

Learning through Games and Contests

~ Nisa Yenikalaycı, Dilek Çelikler, and Zeynep Aksan

~ Maria Camarca, William Heuett, and Deana Jaber

~ Mariusz Zalewski and Tomasz Krawczyk

Green Chemistry

~ Laura B. Armstrong, Mariana C. Rivas, Zeyi Zhou, Lauren M. Irie, Geri A. Kerstiens, MaryAnn T. Robak, Michelle C. Douskey, and Anne M. Baranger

~ Nancy Wu, Tomohiro Kubo, Kikelomo N. Sekoni, Ariana O. Hall, Sameer Phadke, Danielle M. Zurcher, Rachel L. Wallace, Devki B. Kothari, and Anne J. McNeil

~ Graeme D. McAllister and Andrew F. Parsons (available to non-subscribers as part of ACS AuthorChoice program)

~ Hao-Che Peng, Jessica Bryan, William Henson, Viktor V. Zhdankin, Kushal Gandhi, and Samuel David

Investigations Involving Light

~ Kayla A. Lippincott, Emily A. Rosengarten, Arijit Sengupta, and Dean J. Campbell

~ Jason A. Thon, Nathaniel E. Larm, Yahor Vazmitsel, and Gary A. Baker

~ Cassandra M. Knutson, Abby P. Hilker, Zachary P. Tolstyka, Constance B. Anderson, Perry A. Wilbon, Robert T. Mathers, Michael T. Wentzel, Angela L. Perkins, and Jane E. Wissinger

~ Bárbara Rezende Gonçalves and Priscila Pereira Silva-Caldeira

~ Paula A. Angarita-Rivera, Devan B. Gabbard, Kegan A. Main, Katherine M. Timmermann, Karla B. Kinkade, Kristy J. Wilson, and Colleen L. Doçi

~ Amirmostafa Amirjani, Niloofar Namazi Koochak, and Davoud Fatmehsari Haghshenas

~ Daniel Scott and Cole Hilt

~ Chris Bowers

~ Marin Kovačić and Danijela Ašperger

Discovery-Based Laboratories

~ Frazier Nyasulu, Rebecca Barlag, Lauren McMills, and Phyllis Arthasery

~ Kenneth R. Overly

~ Evan B. Landstrom, Meghan Nichol, Bruce H. Lipshutz, and Morgan J. Gainer

~ Jie Dai, Dadong Lu, Tao Ye, Shouyun Yu, and Xu Cheng

Innovations in Teaching

~ Jaclyn M. Trate, Peter Geissinger, Anja Blecking, and Kristen L. Murphy

~ Jaclyn J. Stewart and Gregory R. Dake

~ Jamie K. Lau, Madison Paterniti, and Kristina R. Stefaniak

~ Christina Wilson, Michael Hirtz, Pavel A. Levkin, Arin L. Sutlief, and Andrea E. Holmes

~ Guizella A. Rocabado, Nancy A. Kilpatrick, Suazette R. Mooring, and Jennifer E. Lewis

Chemistry Teacher Experiences

~ Linda Padwa, Angela M. Kelly, and Keith Sheppard

~ Lindsay Wheeler, Hannah Sturtevant, and Frackson Mumba

~ Rebecca M. Broyer and Jessica Parr

Foundations of Chemistry

~ Eric J. Piechota and Gerald J. Meyer

~ Gerard Parkin

~ Todd P. Silverstein and Kristin Slade

From the Archive: Infrared Imaging

This issue includes an activity on by Xinhua Xu, Meifen Wu, and Xiaogang Wang.Other interesting explorations of infrared and near-infrared imaging in past issues include:

~ Charles Xie

~ Choun Pei Wong and R. Subramaniam

~ Dean J. Campbell, Felicia A. Staiger, and Chaitanya N. Jujjavarapu

~ Alexa Torres and McKenzie A. Floyd

~ Gregory D. Smith, Elizabeth Nunan, Claire Walker, and Dan Kushel

On ChemEdX: ~ Lauren Stewart 

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