JCE 96.10 October 2019 Issue Highlights

Journal of Chemical Education October 2019 Cover

Celebrating National Chemistry Week 2019

The October 2019 issue of the Journal of Chemical Education is now available to subscribers. Topics featured in this issue include: marvelous metals; reducing hazards and increasing safety; engaging activities on nuclear chemistry and self-healing hydrogels; chemistry activities for students studying nursing; fostering community; mathematics and computer models in chemistry; innovative experiments; challenges of demonstrating the atmospheric greenhouse effect; chemical education research; resources for teaching.

Marvelous Metals

To celebrate the value of chemistry in our everyday life, National Chemistry Week is being held this year October 20–26, 2019 with the theme "Marvelous Metals". Articles featuring metals in this and past JCE  issues (see the  section below) can help you make the most of this ACS annual celebration, including . In this laboratory experiment, Craig J. Donahue, Amina Marini, Codruta Savu, and Hanan Yehya showcase electroless deposition, an autocatalytic reduction process performed in aqueous solution containing a metal ion in the presence of a reducing agent, yielding a coherent metal film. (The cover shows a nickel-plated cicada exoskeleton being held by a neodymium magnet.)

Additional metal-oriented articles in this issue:

~ Donald Wink

~ Seong Kyun Kim and Seoung-Hey Paik

~ Choun Pei Wong and R. Subramaniam

~ Petrus C. M. Laan, Mareena C. Franke, Richard van Lent, and Ludo B. F. Juurlink (available to non-subscribers as part of ACS AuthorChoice program)

t ~ Yujuan Liu, Emily J. Myers, Stephanie A. Rydahl, and Xisen Wang

~ Sofie Palmans, Jens Vermeulen, Natalie Chiaverini, and Tom Mortier

~ Giacomo Favero, Mattia Brugia, Fabrizio Mancin, and Renato Bonomi

~ Xinpeng Cheng, Jonna Chen, Morgan J. Gainer, and Liming Zhang

~ Hanjun Yang, Winnie Fan, Katie Hills-Kimball, Ou Chen, and Li-Qiong Wang

~ Daniel P. Miller, Adam Phillips, Herbert Ludowieg, Sarah Swihart, Jochen Autschbach, and Eva Zurek

~ Karin J. Young, Sarah Lashley, and Sarah Murray


Eamonn F. Healy poses the question

Reducing Hazards and Increasing Safety

~ John P. Canal, Rajendra Dev Sharma, and Hamel N. Tailor

~ Clara Rosalía Álvarez-Chávez, Luz S. Marín, Karla Perez-Gamez, Mariona Portell, Luis Velazquez, and Francisca Munoz-Osuna

~ Aimilia M. Tsokou, Alix Howells, and Moray S. Stark

Engaging Activities on Nuclear Chemistry and Self-Healing Hydrogels

~ Sierra C. Marker, Chilaluck C. Konkankit, Mark C. Walsh, Daniel R. Lorey, II, and Justin J. Wilson

~ Rylie K. Morris, Abby P. Hilker, Taylor M. Mattice, Shane M. Donovan, Michael T. Wentzel, and Patrick H. Willoughby

Chemistry Activities for Students Studying Nursing

~ Angela L. Mahaffey

~ Angela L. Mahaffey

Fostering Community

Christiane N. Stachl, Emily C. Hartman, David E. Wemmer, and Matthew B. Francis

~ Audrey E. McGowin and Rebecca Teed

Mathematics and Computer Models in Chemistry

~ Kinsey Bain, Jon-Marc G. Rodriguez, and Marcy H. Towns

~ Oka Kurniawan, Li Ling Apple Koh, Jermaine Zhi Min Cheng, and Maggie Pee

~ Dhritiman Bhattacharyya and Jahan M. Dawlaty

~ Lisa I. Stephens and Janine Mauzeroll

~ Janna Domenico, Alexis M. Schneider, and Karl Sohlberg

Innovative Experiments

~ Kasey L. Yearty, Caroline E. Glessner, and Richard W. Morrison

~ Claudia Martins Ledesma, Larissa Mascarenhas Krepsky, and Endler Marcel Borges

~ Michael P. Mannino, Ariel P. Dunteman, and Alexei V. Demchenko

~ Patrick Bergstrom Mann, Samuel Clark, Samuel T. Cahill, Craig D. Campbell, Matthew T. Harris, Simon Hibble, Trang To, Andrew Worrall, and Malcolm Stewart

Challenges of Demonstrating the Atmospheric Greenhouse Effect

~ Jerry A. Bell

~ Jessica C. D’eon, Jennifer A. Faust, C. Scott Browning, and Kristine B. Quinlan

~ Jessica C. D’eon, Jennifer A. Faust, C. Scott Browning, and Kristine B. Quinlan

Chemical Education Research

~ Ryan L. Stowe and Melanie M. Cooper (available to non-subscribers as part of ACS program)

~ Cory Hensen and Jack Barbera

~ Gil Reynders, Erica Suh, Renée S. Cole, and Rebecca L. Sansom

~ Jessica J. Reed, Jeffrey R. Raker, and Kristen L. Murphy

Resources for Teaching

~ Troy Mutton and Damon D. Ridley

~ Abubaker Qutieshat, Rayhana Aouididi, and Rayan Arfaoui

From the Archive: Marvelous Metal Materials in JCE

Celebrate with metal resources in this and past issues of the Journal of Chemical Education, such as:

Hands-On Activities for Exploring Metals and Their Uses

~ JCE staff

~ Stephen W. Wright

~ JCE staff

~ JCE staff

~ Michael J. Sanger

~ Jennifer E. Mihalick and Kathleen M. Donnelly

~ Anne C. Gaquere-Parker, N. Allie Doles, and Cass D. Parker

~ Angeliki A. Rigos and Kevin Salemme

~ Modesto Tamez and Julie H. Yu

~ Thomas S. Kuntzleman

~ Yueh-Huey Chen, 

Experiments for Understanding Metals and Their Properties 

~ Ram S. Lamba, Shiva Sharma, and Baird W. Lloyd

~ Seong Kyun Kim and Seoung-Hey Paik

~ Thomas H. Bindel

~ A. M. R. P. Bopegedera and K. Nishanthi R. Perera

~ Nicholas C. Thomas and Stephen Faulk

~ Patricia Berger, Nicholas B. Adelman,  Katie J. Beckman, Dean J. Campbell, Arthur B. Ellis, and George C. Lisensky

~ Xinhua Xu, Meifen Wu, Xiaogang Wang, Yangyiwei Yang, Xiang Shi, and Guoping Wang

~ Sally D. Solomon, Susan A. Rutkowsky, Megan L. Mahon, and Erica M. Halpern

~ George N. Harakas

~ Richard W. Sanders, Gregory L. Crettol, Joseph D. Brown, Patrick T. Plummer, Tara M. Schendorf, Alex Oliphant, Susan B. Swithenbank, Robert F. Ferrante, and Joshua P. Gray

~ Ted M. Clark, Rebecca Ricciardo, and Tyler Weaver

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