JCE 96.09 September 2019 Issue Highlights

Journal of Chemical Education September 2019 Cover

Cultivating Chemical Curiosity

The September 2019 issue of the Journal of Chemical Education is now available to subscribers. Topics featured in this issue include: exploring the chemistry of natural materials; research in chemical education; undergraduate research and project-based laboratories; innovative organic chemistry teaching; organic laboratory instruction; analytical chemistry investigations and instrumentation; nanochemistry; inorganic chemistry; teaching kinetics; exploring kinetic-molecular theory; from the archives: biodiesel.

Cover: Exploring the Chemistry of Natural Materials

In , Anthony Katselas, Alice Motion, Chiara O’Reilly, and Chiara Neto describe a student-focused experiment in which undergraduates investigate the wettability of natural surfaces and explore concepts of surface structure, wettability, superhydrophobic surfaces, and self-cleaning. Students choose local samples of leaves and flowers, examine the surface structure and chemistry of these materials by microscopy and contact angle measurements, and, using their understanding of the literature on the wettability of rough surfaces, relate the two while discovering the beauty and functionality of natural surfaces. 

For another article in this issue that explores surface chemistry, see:

~ Carolina Cionti, Tommaso Taroni, and Daniela Meroni

Additional articles in this issue that explore chemistry through the plants, leaves, and flowers include:

~ Colin A. Scholes

~ Rudolf Binder and Carina Lämmle

~ Andrzej Sienkiewicz, Iwona Rusinek, Anna Siatecka, and Sonia Losada-Barreiro

~ Kelly Y. Neiles, Geoffrey M. Bowers, Daniel T. Chase, Amanda VerMeulen, Douglas E. Hovland, Elan Bresslour-Rashap, Leah Eller, and Andrew S. Koch

~ Karen A. Tallman

Commentary on Contextualizing Chemical Education Research

Jon-Marc G. Rodriguez and Marcy H. Towns of Purdue University provide suggestions to help researchers contextualize their work for practitioners in

Research in Chemical Education

~ Timothy N. Abell and Stacey Lowery Bretz

~ Stephanie A. C. Ryan and Mike Stieff

~ Keenan Noyes and Melanie M. Cooper

~ Elizabeth L. Day and Norbert J. Pienta

Undergraduate Research and Project-Based Laboratories

~ Matthew R. Hauwiller, Justin C. Ondry, Jason J. Calvin, Anne M. Baranger, and A. Paul Alivisatos

~ Paul A. E. Piunno, Michael deBraga, Troy A. Dexter, and Marc Laflamme

~ Michael G. Debije (available to non-subscribers as part of ACS AuthorChoice program)

~ Sabrina H. Werby and Lynette Cegelski

~ Andrew J. Lindsay

Innovative Organic Chemistry Teaching

~ Melanie M. Cooper, Ryan L. Stowe, Olivia M. Crandell, and Michael W. Klymkowsky (available to non-subscribers as part of ACS program)

~ Nancy Wu, Ariana O. Hall, Sameer Phadke, Danielle M. Zurcher, Rachel L. Wallace, Carol Ann Castañeda, and Anne J. McNeil

~ Jonathon B. Ferrell, Joseph P. Campbell, Dillon R. McCarthy, Kyle T. McKay, Magenta Hensinger, Ramya Srinivasan, Xiaochuan Zhao, Alexander Wurthmann, Jianing Li, and Severin T. Schneebeli

~ Robert L. Woodward and Carolyn S. Reid

~ Irosha N. Nawarathne

Organic Laboratory Instruction

~ Mark Edgar, Benita C. Percival, Miles Gibson, Jinit Masania, Ken Beresford, Philippe B. Wilson, and Martin Grootveld

~ Elizabeth S. Sterner

~ David A. Contreras-Cruz, Margarita Cantú-Reyes, Juan M. García-Sánchez, Daniel Peña-Ortíz, Miguel A. Sánchez-Carmona, and Luis D. Miranda

Analytical Chemistry Investigations and Instrumentation

~ Silvija Šafranko, Pavo Živković, Anamarija Stanković, Martina Medvidović-Kosanović, Aleksandar Széchenyi, and Stela Jokić

~ Katherine Purvis, Richard Cisek, and Danielle Tokarz

~ Rosalynn Quiñones, Derrick R. J. Kolling, Deben Shoup, Amanda L. Smythers, Sarah Nickel, Tamara D. Westfall, Courtney Epperly, and Miranda Coplin


~ Tommy Cedervall, Mikael T. Ekvall, Karin Mattsson, and Martin Lundqvist

~ Amid Vahedi and Amir M. Farnoud

Inorganic Chemistry

~ Jason Cooke

~ Brian K. Niece

Teaching Kinetics

s ~ Jon-Marc G. Rodriguez, Nicholas P. Hux, Sven J. Philips, and Marcy H. Towns

~ Jesse A. Phillips, Gregory H. Jones, and Erin V. Iski

Exploring Kinetic-Molecular Theory

~ Frederic E. Schubert

~ Francisco Rivadulla

From the Archives: Biodiesel

Kelly Y. Neiles, Geoffrey M. Bowers, Daniel T. Chase, Amanda VerMeulen, Douglas E. Hovland, Elan Bresslour-Rashap, Leah Eller, and Andrew S. Koch describe . Biodiesel has been the topic of numerous JCE articles in recent years, including:

~ Andrea Burrows, Jon Breiner, Jennifer Keiner, Chris Behm

 ~ Paul De La Rosa, Katherine A. Azurin, and Michael F. Z. Page

  ~ Jun Yang, Chunli Xu, Baoxin Li, Guijia Ren, and Lu Wang

~ Jillian L. Blatti and Michael D. Burkart

 ~ Steven W. Goldstein

~ Lisa V. Daconta, Timothy Minger, Valentina Nedelkova, and John N. Zikopoulos

~Sophie Bendall, Max Birdsall-Wilson, Rhodri Jenkins, Y.M. John Chew, Christopher J. Chuck

~ Frank A. Leibfarth, M. Grace Russell, David M. Langley, Hyowon Seo, Liam P. Kelly, Daniel W. Carney, Jason K. Sello, and Timothy F. Jamison

~ Timm A. Knoerzer, Elise M. Hill, Todd A. Davis, Scott T. Iacono, Jane E. Johnson, and Gary J. Balaich

~ Hua Zhou, Wang Zhan, Liuyang Wang, Lijun Guo, and Yun Liu

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