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Journal of Chemical Education August 2019 Cover

Chemistry Education: A Bridge to the Future

The August 2019 issue of the Journal of Chemical Education is now available to subscribers. Topics featured in this issue include: authentic chemistry laboratories; student motivation, sustained interest, and student success; student understanding of fundamental concepts; aids to assessment; computer-based learning; active learning activities; engaging polymer chemistry activities; experimenting with flavor and food; organic chemistry laboratories; spectroscopy laboratories; acid-base chemistry; from the archives: polymer properties.

Cover: Authentic Chemistry Laboratories

In , Fun Man Fung and Simon Francis Watts describe the redesign of an advanced analytical and physical chemistry practical module for senior undergraduates. The course emphasizes authentic teaching and learning practices, including questioning and acknowledgment of ambiguity, to develop students’ creative thinking and problem-solving skills while meaningfully assessing these competencies and to ultimately help prepare graduates for their professional futures.  Additional discussions of analytical laboratories include:

~ Vishakha Monga, Kerry J. Knox, Elizabeth A. L. Gillis, Robin Stoodley, Guillaume Bussiere, and Christine Rogers

~ Jacinta M. Mutambuki, Herb Fynewever, Kevin Douglass, William W. Cobern, and Sherine O. Obare

~ Bruna F. Gonçalves, Gabriela Botelho, Maria J. Medeiros, and Michael J. Smith

Student Motivation, Sustained Interest, and Student Success 

In the August editorial, Thomas A. Holme inquires Additional discussion about student motivation and success in chemistry can be found in:

~ Kate J. Graham, Catherine M. Bohn-Gettler, and Annette F. Raigoza

~ Kimia Moozeh, Jennifer Farmer, Deborah Tihanyi, Tristan Nadar, and Greg J. Evans

~ Viveka L. Perera, Tianlan Wei, and Debra A. Mlsna

Student Understanding of Fundamental Concepts

~ Stefanie Lenzer, Bernd Smarsly, and Nicole Graulich

~ Christine M. Le and Barbora Morra

~ Zahilyn D. Roche Allred and Stacey Lowery Bretz

~ Kinsey Bain, Jon-Marc G. Rodriguez, and Marcy H. Towns

~ Donald G. Truhlar

Aids to Assessment

~ Jennifer A. Schmidt-McCormack, Caryl Fish, Anne Falke, Juliette Lantz, and Renée S. Cole

~ Tom P. Carberry, Philip S. Lukeman, and Dustin J. Covell

Computer-Based Learning

~ David Zorrilla, Jesús Sánchez-Márquez, Víctor García, and Manuel Fernández

~ Antonella Di Vincenzo and Michele A. Floriano

~ Vinícius Wilian D. Cruzeiro, Xiang Gao, and Valeria D. Kleiman

Active Learning Activities

~ D. Brandon Magers, Patricia L. Stan, and Daniel A. King

~ José Nunes da Silva Júnior, Daniel Esdras de Andrade Uchoa, Mary Anne Sousa Lima, and André Jalles Monteiro

~ James A. Hebda and Zachary Aamold

Engaging Polymer Chemistry Activities

~ Nejla B. Erdal, Minna Hakkarainen, and Anders G. Blomqvist

~ Alfredo Luis M. L. Mateus

Experimenting with Flavor and Food

~ Gannon P. Connor, Daniel Kim, Alexandra L. Nagelski, Emily O. Schmidt, Tori Hass-Mitchell, John T. Atwater, Sara A. Tridenti, Seungjung Sohn, and Patrick L. Holland

~ Guangyong Zhu and Genfa Yu

~ Tai-Sheng Yeh

~ David Rovnyak and Timothy G. Strein

Organic Chemistry Laboratories

~ Teresa L. Mako and Mindy Levine

~ Nguyen Nhat Thu Le, Edmund J. Klinkerch, and Dasan M. Thamattoor

~ Amy B. Dounay, Martin J. O’Donnell, J. Geno Samaritoni, Lukasz Popiolek, Douglas Schirch, Anna Biernasiuk, Anna Malm, Isaac W. Lamb, Kristen Mudrack, Daniel G. Rivera, Gerardo M. Ojeda, and William L. Scott

~ Silvia Roscales and Aurelio G. Csákÿ

~ María José Mancheño, Sergio Royuela, A. de la Peña, Mar Ramos, Félix Zamora, and José L. Segura

Spectroscopy Laboratories 

~ Eugene P. Wagner, Kai C. Gronborg, Shreya Ghosh, and Sunil Saxena

~ P. G. Rodríguez Ortega, M. Montejo, M. S. Valera, and J. J. López González

~ Ana M. Herrera-González, Martín Caldera-Villalobos, Alma A. Pérez-Mondragón, Carlos E. Cuevas-Suárez, and J. Abraham González-López

Acid-Base Chemistry

~ Guo-Ming Weng, Chi-Ying Vanessa Li, and Kwong-Yu Chan

~ Fang Yong, Qiuhong Zhu, Guohao Zhang, Guohong Tao, and Song Qin

~ Emily Traver, Jamie E. Stark, Gianna Aleman Milán, and Heather A. Andreas

From the Archives: Polymer Properties

In ,  Alfredo Luis M. L. Mateus describes how polyethylene terephthalate (PET) bottles can be used in a series of demonstrations to highlight the technological aspects of their production. This article is discussed in detail in Erica Jacobsen’s

Polyethylene terephthalate has been explored in a number of ways in past issues, including:

~ Kendra A. Erk, Morgan Rhein, Matthew J. Krafcik, and Sophie Ydstie

~ H. Darrell Iler, Eric Rutt, and Seth Althoff

~ Teresa D'Amico, Craig J. Donahue, and Elizabeth A. Rais

~ Mary E. Harris and Harold H. Harris

~ Mary E. Harris and Barbara Walker

~John N. Aronson

~ issue

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