JCE 96.07 July 2019 Issue Highlights

Journal of Chemical Education July 2019 Cover

JCE 96.07 July 2019 Issue Highlights

Catalyzing Student Learning

The July 2019 issue of the Journal of Chemical Education is now available to subscribers. Topics featured in this issue include: glowmatography; examining secondary chemistry teaching; useful teaching models and tools; making science accessible; teaching kinetics; computer-based learning; explorations using x-rays; polymer chemistry laboratories; using batteries to teach; analytical chemistry; investigating scale literacy skills; printing the archives: cyanotype.

Cover: Glowmatography

Glowmatography is a playful descriptor for the chromatographic separation of chemiluminescent dyes that are actively emitting light. Glowmatographic separations, which can be carried out using easily obtained materials (glow sticks, chalk, and acetone or alcohol), often reveal surprising color combinations of fluorescent dyes. In , Thomas S. Kuntzleman, Kasey R. Bunker, and Ashlee A. Bartlett show how these experiments can be used to illuminate chemical topics such as chromatography, intermolecular forces, and the chemistry of glow sticks. The experiment is easy and fast to carry out and can be conducted as an in-class demonstration or performed by students in laboratory or outreach settings.

Additional articles using color to explore and understand chemistry in this issue include:

~ Matthew F. Terra and Shaun D. Black

~ Alexey V. Markin and Natalia E. Markina

~ Longfei Cai, Xiaolin Zhang, Liquan Luo, Huibin Lin, Jinhua Chen, Chunxiu Xu, Minghua Zhong, and Xiaoning Liao

Examining Secondary Chemistry Teaching 

In this month’s editorial, Terri M. Chambers, Etta C. Gravely, William Hunter, Jennifer B. Nielson, and Ellen J. Yezierski discuss .

Additional articles examining effective secondary chemistry teaching in the issue include:

~ Mike Stieff (this article is available to non-subscribers as part of program.)

~ Natalia M. Kellamis and Ellen J. Yezierski

~ Ryan L. Stowe, Deborah G. Herrington, Robert L. McKay, and Melanie M. Cooper

~ Ryan L. Stowe, Deborah G. Herrington, Robert L. McKay, and Melanie M. Cooper

~ Bing Wei

Useful Teaching Models and Tools

~ Matthias Bierenstiel and Kathy Snow

~ Natalie V. Hudson-Smith, Meghan S. Cahill, Nathan D. Klein, Miriam O.P. Krause, and Christy L. Haynes

~ Richard A. R. Blackburn

~ Brenno R. M. Oliveira, André L. Vailati, Edinara Luiz, Fabrine G. Böll, and Samuel R. Mendes

~ Philip Josephson, Viktor Nykvist, Wafa Qasim, Björn Blomkvist, and Peter Dinér

Making Science Accessible

~ Aydin Kizilaslan, Mustafa Sozbilir, and Seraceddin Levent Zorluoglu

~ Ronald Soong, Kyle Agmata, Tina Doyle, Amy Jenne, Antonio Adamo, and Andre J. Simpson

Teaching Kinetics

~ Jon-Marc G. Rodriguez and Marcy H. Towns

~ Ruth E. Nalliah

~ Ryan Bogucki, Mary Greggila, Paul Mallory, Jiansheng Feng, Kelly Siman, Banafsheh Khakipoor, Hunter King, and Adam W. Smith

Computer-Based Learning

~ Lucka Bibic, Justinas Druskis, Samuel Walpole, Jesus Angulo, and Leanne Stokes

~ Tristan D. Clemons, Lise Fouché, Cara Rummey, Ryan E. Lopez, and Dino Spagnoli

~ Patrick McArdle

Explorations Using X-rays

~ Rafaela T. P. Sant’Anna, Emily V. Monteiro, Romulo O. Pires, Rosa C. D. Peres, and Roberto B. Faria

~ N. Stojilovic and D. E. Isaacs

~ Aidan A.E. Fisher

~ Diana Potes Vecini, Shirley C. Jofré, Florencia B. Pereyra Ríos, Javier Sartuqui, Paula Messina, M. Belén González, Melisa Saugo, Lorena Meier, Mónica F. Díaz, and Andrés E. Ciolino

Polymer Chemistry Laboratories

~ Julie Schweitzer, Souhila Merad, Gautier Schrodj, Florence Bally-Le Gall, and Laurent Vonna

~ Nimer Murshid, Nicole Cathcart, and Vladimir Kitaev

Using Batteries To Teach 

~ David Keifer

~ Jacob Arnbjerg, Amirreza Khataee, Thomas Breitenbach, Jan Thøgersen, Sigurd Christiansen, Henriette Gavlshøj Mortensen, Merete Bilde, Rikke Frøhlich Hougaard, and Anders Bentien

Analytical Chemistry

~ Andrew Miller and Alan Gift

~ Rodrigo Sens da Silva and Endler Marcel Borges

~ Olivia Boisen, Alesha Corral, Emily Pope, and John C. Goeltz

~ Alan Austin Doucette and Roderick A. Chisholm

Investigating Scale Literacy Skills

~ Jaclyn M. Trate, Ann Hackl, Brian Mohs, Peter Geissinger, Anja Blecking, and Kristen L. Murphy

~ Jaclyn M. Trate, Victoria Fisher, Anja Blecking, Peter Geissinger, and Kristen L. Murphy

Commentary & News

Gautam Bhattacharyya presents a commentary on to better understand how students make sense of the electron-pushing formalism.

Information about the  is provided by Richard Nafshun and Thomas J. Greenbowe. Additional was recently posted on ChemEdX.

Printing the Archives: Cyanotype

This issue includes by Natalie V. Hudson-Smith, Meghan S. Cahill, Nathan D. Klein, Miriam O.P. Krause, and Christy L. Haynes, in which a low cost macroscale TEM model uses cyanotype paper for “imaging”.

For additional explorations of cyanotype in past issues, see: 

~ Mike Ware

~ Glen D. Lawrence and Stuart Fishelson

~ Glen D. Lawrence and Stuart Fishelson

~ Simeen Sattar

~ Olivier Morizot, Eric Audureau, Jean-Yves Briend, Gaetan Hagel, and Florence Boulc’h

~ Pablo Alejandro Fiorito and André Sarto Polo

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