JCE 96.06 June 2019 Issue Highlights

Journal of Chemical Education June 2019 Cover

Teaching and Learning: A Team Effort

The June 2019 issue of the Journal of Chemical Education is now available to subscribers. Topics featured in this issue include: Characterizing Color; Inquiry-Based Activities and Projects; Learning with Games; Culturally Relevant Chemistry; Exploring the Design and Building of Instrumentation; Teaching Nanochemistry; Laboratory Experiments; Computational Chemistry; Chemical Education Research; Teaching Resources; Banking on the Archives: Using Currency To Teach Chemistry; Call for Papers: Chemical Safety Education.

Cover: Characterizing Color

In "", Simeen Sattar discusses how affordable, hand-held, fiber-optic reflectance spectrophotometers make it possible to advance students’ understanding of color. Reflectance spectra provide graphical information about color, whereas describe color quantitatively. The cover shows CIE color coordinates a* (green to red) and b* (blue to yellow) plotted for a selection of pigments (filled circles) and paint swatches (open circles) prepared by students. 

For an additional exploration of reflectrography, art, and chemistry in this issue, see:  ~ Alexa Torres and McKenzie A. Floyd

Editorial: Flipped Instruction Revisited

Editor-in-Chief, Norbert Pienta examines recent findings on “flipped instruction” and how to prepare to teach a flipped class in his editorial,

Inquiry-Based Activities and Projects

~ Thomas S. Kuntzleman

~ Patcharee Chonkaew, Boonnak Sukhummek, and Chatree Faikhamta

~ Mikhail Kurushkin, Chantal Tracey, and Maria Mikhaylenko

~ Prempree Duangpummet, Pimchai Chaiyen, and Pirom Chenprakhon

~ Amie E. Norton, Jessica M. Ringo, Spencer Hendrickson, Jennifer M. McElveen, Francis J. May, and William B. Connick

~ Roxanne P. Spencer and Yingyi Liang

Learning with Games

~ Tugba G. Kucukkal and Ajda Kahveci

~ Nicolas Dietrich

Culturally Relevant Chemistry 

~ Timothy Rennie, Hilja Eelu, Monde Lusepani, Tuwilika Keendjele, Emily Julka, and Christian J. Hunter

~ Philip P. Rodenbough and Majuto Clement Manyilizu

Exploring the Design and Building of Instrumentation

~ J. O’Donoghue

~ Anna L. Adams-McNichol, Rayf C. Shiell, and David A. Ellis

~ Meng Sun, Zhengda Li, and Qiong Yang

~ Mohammad Sadegh-cheri

~ Bruno Lunelli and Massimo Baroncini

Teaching Nanochemistry

~ Ellane J. Park

~ Wichai Lati, Darapond Triampo, and Supan Yodyingyong

~ Wesley C. Sanders, Glen Johnson, Ron Valcarce, Peter Iles, Hunter Fourt, Kyne Drystan, Dakota Edwards, Jarom Vernon, Spencer Ashworth, Amar Barucija, and Zachary Curtis

~ Xin Li, Yanping Deng, Zhimin Jiang, Rongchen Shen, Jun Xie, Wei Liu, and Xiaobo Chen

Laboratory Experiments

~ Carolyn L. Wanamaker, Brittany S. Neff, Azieta Nejati-Namin, Erin R. Spatenka, and Mong-Lin Yang

~ Adam G. L. Schafer, Ellen J. Yezierski, and C. Scott Hartley

~ Journi E. Burke, Emily A. Khoury, Grant J. Koskay, Christopher J. LeWarne, Emily A. Reeson, Katherine L. Sandquist, Kayode D. Oshin, and Matthias Zeller

~ Nicholas D. J. Yates, Robin L. Brabham, Richard J. Spears, Tessa Keenan, Philip A. Helliwell, David S. Pugh, Alison Parkin, Glenn A. Hurst, and Martin A. Fascione

~ María T. Cortés, Christian Vargas, Diego A. Blanco, Ingrid D. Quinchanegua, Cristian Cortés, and Andres M. Jaramillo

~ Min Yuan, Qun Tang, Ying Lu, Zhong Zhang, Xiao-Hui Li, Shu-Mei Liu, Xiu-Wei Sun, and Shu-Xia Liu

Computational Chemistry

~ Anna S. Grumman and Felix A. Carroll

~ James W. Mazzuca, Alexis R. Downing, and Christopher Potter

~ Marcus J. Thompson and Michael Messina

Chemical Education Research 

~ Kory M. Enneking, Graham R. Breitenstein, Amelia F. Coleman, James H. Reeves, Yishi Wang, and Nathaniel P. Grove

~ Nicholas E. Bodé, Jacky M. Deng, and Alison B. Flynn

~ Keith A. Marek, Jeffrey R. Raker, and Kristen L. Murphy

Teaching Resources

~ Andreas Hofmann, Mark J. Coster, and Paul Taylor

~ David R. McMillin

Banking on the Archives: Using Currency To Teach Chemistry

The June issue includes a demonstration of shrinking paper money, a captivating and memorable demonstration that can be carried out using minimal equipment and reagents. by  E. Brandon Strong, Brittany A. Lore, Emily R. Christensen, Nathaniel W. Martinez, and Andres W. Martinez includes a video showing the procedure and a time lapse of the demonstration. Some other examples of currency in the service of chemistry from past issues include:

~ Christopher A. Heimbuck and Nathan W. Bower

~ Patrick D. Parker, Brandon Beers, and Matthew J. Vergne

On ChemEdX: ~ Tom Kuntzleman 

~ Bridget Michalek and Robert M. Hanson

On ChemEdX: ~ Ben Meacham

Call for Papers: Chemical Safety Education: Methods, Culture, and Green Chemistry

A with guest editors, Scott R. Goode, Jane E. Wissinger, and Frankie Wood-Black, has been announced. Deadline for submissions is February 3, 2020. 

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