JCE 96.03 March 2019 Issue Highlights

Journal of Chemical Education March 2019 Cover

Supporting the Growth and Impact of Chemical Education

The March 2019 issue of the Journal of Chemical Education is now available to subscribers. Topics featured in this issue include: nanochemistry; supporting the growth and impact of chemical education research; using technology to enhance student experience and understanding; promoting student engagement; teaching with models; experimenting with innovative labs.

Cover: Nanochemistry 

Silver elongated nanostructures are useful in a wide variety of electronic, optical, and antimicrobial applications. In , Giovanni Ferraro and Emiliano Fratini present a laboratory experiment for the preparation and characterization of silver nanowires with different dimensions. The scanning electron microscopy micrographs at different magnifications (color added) on the cover show the formation of silver nanostructures after 10 min and their growth up to 60 min of reactions. The increase in nanostructure length is also associated with a notable change in the color of the solution during reaction. This captivating experiment reinforces students' understanding of the relation between the morphology of a material at the nanoscale and some macroscopic properties, such as the perceived color.

Other nanochemistry labs in the issue include:

~ Deepika Menon and Mary Sajini Devadas

~ Damodaran Divya and Kovummal Govind Raj

~ Elia M. Schneider, Amadeus Bärtsch, Wendelin J. Stark, and Robert N. Grass

~ Peter N. Njoki

~ Ángel M. Pérez-Mariño, M. Carmen Blanco, David Buceta, and M. Arturo López-Quintela

~ C. Harris, C. Gaster, and M. C. Gelabert

Supporting the Growth and Impact of Chemical Education Research 

The question of how to best continue is discussed by group of chemical education research (CER) faculty representing a variety of backgrounds and experiences: Deborah G. Herrington, Ryan D. Sweeder, Patrick L. Daubenmire, Christopher F. Bauer, Stacey Lowery Bretz, Diane M. Bunce, Justin H. Carmel, Renée Cole, Brittland K. DeKorver, Resa M. Kelly, Scott E. Lewis, Maria Oliver-Hoyo, Stephanie A. C. Ryan, Marilyne Stains, Marcy H. Towns, and Ellen J. Yezierski. In this commentary they address: (1) How do we strategically grow the CER community, considering the multiple pathways by which people enter CER? (2) What can be done to make CER a more widely accepted and recognizable discipline?

Chemical Education Research feature articles found in this issue include:

~ Michael R. Mack, Cory Hensen, and Jack Barbera

~ Justin M. Pratt and Ellen J. Yezierski

~ Justin H. Carmel, Deborah G. Herrington, Lynmarie A. Posey, Joseph S. Ward, Amy M. Pollock, and Melanie M. Cooper

~ Joi Phelps Walker, Andrea Gay Van Duzor, and Meghan A. Lower (this article is available to non-subscribers as part of program.)

~ Rebecca L. Sansom, Erica Suh, and Kenneth J. Plummer

~ Katherine Lazenby, Charlie A. Rupp, Alexandra Brandriet, Kathryn Mauger-Sonnek, and Nicole M. Becker

~ Timothy N. Abell and Stacey Lowery Bretz

Using Technology To Enhance Student Experience and Understanding  

~ Roshini Ramachandran, Erin M. Sparck, and Marc Levis-Fitzgerald

~ Brittany A. Hubbard, Grayson C. Jones, and Maria T. Gallardo-Williams

~ Jimmy Franco and Brian A. Provencher

~ Balraj B. Rathod, Sahana Murthy, and Subhajit Bandyopadhyay

~Joseph A. Naese, Daniel McAteer, Karlton D. Hughes, Christopher Kelbon, Amos Mugweru, and James P. Grinias

Promoting Student Engagement

~ Stacey Brydges and Holly E. Dembinski

~ S. Merwin Kennedy and Oliver Dreon

~ Sigvart Evjen, Coralie Petit, Mikael Hammer, Arne Lindbråthen, Gøril Flatberg, Sigve Karolius, Heinz Presig, and Anne Fiksdahl

~ Abbas Eghlimi, Hasan Jubaer, Adam Surmiak, and Udo Bach

~ Shiho Numanoi, Makiko Hashimoto, Sonoko Hashimoto, Katsunori Kazawa, Ryo Sakaguchi, Kota Miyata, Rino Iwakami, Takahiro Mitome, Shintaro Anju, Ryo Shinotsuka, and Toru Oba

Teaching with Models

~ Natalie L. Dean, Corrina Ewan, Douglas Braden, and J. Scott McIndoe

~ Aleksandar Kondinski and Tatjana N. Parac-Vogt

~ Mikhail Kurushkin and Chantal Tracey

Experimenting with Innovative Labs

~ Evan Warzecha, Timothy C. Berto, Chad C. Wilkinson, and John F. Berry

~ T. Leon Venable

~ Steven M. Malinak, Jerald E. Hertzog, Julia E. Pacilio, and Deborah A. Polvani

~ Joseph J. Mullins and Allen F. Prusinowski

Call for Papers: Chemical Security Special Issue

, with guest editors Andrew W. Nelson and Peter J. Hotchkiss of Sandia National Labs, has been announced. Deadline for submissions is September 9, 2019.

From the Archive: Examining Outreach Practices

Justin M. Pratt and Ellen J. Yezierski have written a series of articles that closely examine outreach practices and student beliefs about teaching and learning. This issue includes their article and their recent articles include:

~ Justin M. Pratt and Ellen J. Yezierski  (this article is available to non-subscribers as part of ACS’s Editors’ Choice program.)

~ Justin M. Pratt and Ellen J. Yezierski

~ Justin M. Pratt and Ellen J. Yezierski

JCE: Supporting Growth and Impact in Chemical Education for 96 Years

JCE is now on its 96th volume, and with well over 1,000 issues of the Journal of Chemical Education to examine, you will always find something useful—including the , and many more, in the . Articles that are edited and published online ahead of print ( are also available.