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Journal of Chemical Education December 2018 Cover

Promoting Engagement in Critical Thinking

The December 2018 issue of the Journal of Chemical Education is now available to subscribers. Topics featured in this issue include: wetting modification by photocatalysis, innovative approaches to promote student engagement, connecting concepts with real-world applications, examining outreach and peer-led team learning, exploring polymer chemistry, understanding kinetics, computer-based learning tools, cost-effective equipment, exploring the archives: carbohydrates.


Norbert J. Pienta highlights Journal of Chemical Education content in 2018 and acknowledges contributors to the Journal in .

Cover: Wetting Modification by Photocatalysis 

Photoactive semiconductor oxides, such as titanium dioxide, display intriguing wetting properties: their surface can be modified by functionalization with organic moieties to prepare superhydrorepellent materials, whereas, upon light irradiation, these materials become superhydrophilic through photocatalysis. In , Luca Rimoldi, Tommaso Taroni, and Daniela Meroni present a laboratory activity aimed at providing students with basic knowledge about photocatalysis and surface science. The cover shows the process of photocatalytic lithography, in which patterned surfaces are prepared with superhydrophilic/superhydrophobic contrast. Upon irradiation through a paper photomask, the irradiated areas become superhydrophilic, while the covered areas retain their superhydrophobicity. These contrasting properties are revealed by pouring an aqueous dye solution on the film.

For another article on surface chemistry and wetting in this issue, see:  ~ Mahmoud Y. Alkawareek, Boshra M. Akkelah, Sara M. Mansour, Hamza M. Amro, Samer R. Abulateefeh, and Alaaldin M. Alkilany

Innovative Approaches To Promote Student Engagement

~ James D. Martin and Katherine A. Nock

~ Deborah G. Herrington and Ryan D. Sweeder

~ Jon-Marc G. Rodriguez and Marcy H. Towns

~ Suzanne M. Ruder and Courtney Stanford

Connecting Concepts with Real-World Applications

~ Barbora Morra

~ Irene W. Kimaru, Anthony T. Corigliano, and Fang Zhao

~ Obradith Caicedo, Jency Devia-Ramirez, and Andrés Malagón

~ Kaidi Yang, Cun-Yue Guo, and Rainer E. Glaser

~ Shao-Liang Zheng and Michael G. Campbell

Examining Outreach and Peer-Led Team Learning

~ Justin M. Pratt and Ellen J. Yezierski

~ Regina F. Frey, Angela Fink, Michael J. Cahill, Mark A. McDaniel, and Erin D. Solomon

Exploring Polymer Chemistry

~ Thiago A. Cacuro, Amanda S. M. Freitas, and Walter R. Waldman

~ Cherie M. Avent, Ayesha S. Boyce, Richard LaBennett, and Darlene K. Taylor

~ María Cuartero and Gastón A. Crespo

Understanding Kinetics

~ Jon-Marc G. Rodriguez, Stephanie Santos-Diaz, Kinsey Bain, and Marcy H. Towns

~ James B. C. Mack, T. Aaron Bedell, Ryan J. DeLuca, Graham A. B. Hone, Jennifer L. Roizen, Charles T. Cox, Erik J. Sorensen, and J. Du Bois

~ Andreas Möglich

Computer-Based Learning Tools

~ Sebastian Hedtrich and Nicole Graulich

~ Niamh Mac Fhionnlaoich, Stuart Ibsen, Luis A. Serrano, Alaric Taylor, Runzhang Qi, and Stefan Guldin (available to non-subscribers as part of ACS AuthorChoice program)

~ Naomi L. Haworth and Lisandra L. Martin

~ Miguel O. Mitchell and John Means

~ Garon C. Smith, Md Mainul Hossain, and Daniel D. Barry

~ Arthur M. Halpern and Charles J. Marzzacco

~ Arthur M. Halpern and Charles J. Marzzacco

Cost-Effective Equipment

~ Ronald Soong, Kyle Agmata, Tina Doyle, Amy Jenne, Tony Adamo, and Andre Simpson

~ Heiko Hoffmann and Michael W. Tausch

~ Han Jung Park, Neethu M. Kurien, and Thomas R. Rybolt

~ Nicholas Bigham, Michael Denchy, and Jeb Kegerreis

Exploring the Archives: Carbohydrates

The December issue includes by Victoria R. Kohout, Zachary J. Wooke, Andrew G. McKee, Megan C. Thielges, Jill K. Robinson, and Nicola L. B. Pohl, a laboratory involving cutting-edge methods and techniques related to carbohydrates. In a recent review article in Chemical Reviews on ,  Jennifer Koviach-Côté and Alyssa L. Pirinelli noted that “it is increasingly important that carbohydrates are brought into undergraduate and earlier education to bring more exposure and understanding to the field.” Content in past issues of JCE that involve carbohydrates include:

Activities and Demonstrations

~ JCE staff

~ Marissa B. Sherman and Thomas A. Evans

~ JCE staff

~ Terry L. Helser

~ Manuel João Costa

~ Felicia A. Staiger, Joshua P. Peterson, and Dean J. Campbell

~ David A. Dolson, Rubin Battino, Trevor M. Letcher, K. H. Pegel, and N. Revaprasadu

~ Todd P. Silverstein and Yi Zhang;  ~ Todd P. Silverstein

~ Toratane Munegumi, Masato Inutsuka, and Yukitaka Hayafuji

Food Science and Nutrition

~ Deon T. Miles and Jennifer K. Bachman

~ Patrice Bell

~ John R. Hardee, Tina M. Montgomery, and Wray H. Jones

~ Richard B. Weinberg

~ Dora Barbiric, Lorena Tribe, and Rosario Soriano

~ S. Todd Deal, Catherine E. Farmer, and Paul F. Cerpovicz

~ C. Michele Davis-McGibony, Randall R. Bennett, Arthur D. Bossart II, and S. Todd Deal

Blood Tests and Type

 ~ Robert C. Kerber

~ Natisha L. Rose, Monica M. Palcic, and Stephen V. Evans

 ~ John M. Risley

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