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Journal of Chemical Education September 2018 Cover

Facilitating Laboratory Research Experience

The September 2018 issue of the Journal of Chemical Education is now available to subscribers. Topics featured in this issue include: reticular chemistry; laboratory research experience for students; historical perspective; chemistry and the environment; laboratories using color to understand chemistry; electrochemistry laboratories; DIY instrumentation; organic semiconductors; orbitals; computer-based learning and computational chemistry; from the archives: paper chromatography.

Cover: Reticular Chemistry

Metal–organic frameworks (MOFs) and covalent organic frameworks (COFs) have emerged over the past two decades as classes of designable, porous, crystalline materials with exceptional structural diversity and tunable chemical functionality. Continued development of next-generation materials for numerous applications, including gas storage and separation, catalysis, chemical sensing, and electronics, relies on effectively training new scientists in the diverse array of computational, synthetic, and analytical techniques reticular chemistry requires. In , Steven J. Lyle, Robinson W. Flaig, Kyle E. Cordova, and Omar M. Yaghi describe a laboratory-research experience designed to equip upper-division undergraduates in chemistry and chemical engineering with these skills through exposure to synthesis, characterization, and applications of MOFs and COFs. Concurrently, students also develop skills necessary to communicate their future research accomplishments to the greater scientific community.

For additional content on metal–organic frameworks (MOFs) in this issue, see:

~ Daniel R. Jones, Dana J. DiScenza, Teresa L. Mako, and Mindy Levine

For additional articles on facilitating laboratory research experience for students, see:

~ Kate Ries and Sarah Dimick Gray

~ Justin K. Pagano, Leslie Jaworski, David Lopatto, and Rory Waterman

~ Wei Chen

~ Drew Budner and Brett Simpson

~ Catherine A. Sarisky and Timothy W. Johann

Historical Perspective

~ Marcy H. Towns and Thomas A. Holme

~ Jean Stockard, Jessica Greene, Geraldine Richmond, and Priscilla Lewis

~ M. Farooq Wahab and Arved E. Reising

Chemistry and the Environment

~ Johan A. Linthorst and Johanna van der Wal-Veuger

~ Francesco Caruso, Timothy Wangler, and Robert J. Flatt

Laboratories Using Color to Understand Chemistry

~ Dulani Samarasekara, Courtney Hill, and Deb Mlsna

~ Tevye C. Celius, Ronald C. Peterson, Amelia M. Anderson-Wile, and Mitchell Kraweic-Thayer

~ Marcos Caroli Rezende, Carolina Aliaga, German Barriga, and Matías Vidal

Electrochemistry Laboratories

~ Taleb Abdinejad, Mohammad R. Zamanloo, Taher Alizadeh, Nosrat O. Mahmoodi, and Shima Rahim Pouran

~ William E. Geiger

~ A. Sharma, H. Kopkau, and D. Swanson

DIY Instrumentation

~ Yuguang C. Li, Elizabeth L. Melenbrink, Guy J. Cordonier, Christopher Boggs, Anupama Khan, Morko Kwembur Isaac, Lameck Kabambalika Nkhonjera, David Bahati, Simon J. Billinge, Sossina M. Haile, Rodney A. Kreuter, Robert M. Crable, and Thomas E. Mallouk

~ Cody W. Pinger, Andre Castiaux, Savannah Speed, and Dana M. Spence

Review Article: Organic Semiconductors

~ Kevin L. Kohlstedt, Nicholas E. Jackson, Brett A. Savoie, and Mark A. Ratner


~ Riccardo de Cataldo, Kaitlyn M. Griffith, and Keir H. Fogarty

~ Felix A. Carroll and David N. Blauch

~ Kevin V. Murphy, Justin M. Turney, and Henry F. Schaefer, III

~ Shin-ichi Nagaoka, Tatsunobu Kokubo, Hiroyuki Teramae, and Umpei Nagashima

~ David R. McMillin

~ Joseph M. Brom

~ Yingbin Ge

Computer-Based Learning and Computational Chemistry

~ Renata Bellová, Danica Melicherčíková, and Peter Tomčík

~ Harith H. Al-Moameri, Luay A. Jaf, and Galen J. Suppes

~ Mohammednoor Altarawneh and Bogdan Z. Dlugogorski

~ Julie Donnelly and Florencio E. Hernández

~ Liudmil Antonov

Research on: Organic Chemistry Mechanisms; ACS Inorganic Chemistry Exam; Resources for Quantitative CER

~ Declan M. Webber and Alison B. Flynn

~ Keith A. Marek, Jeffrey R. Raker, Thomas A. Holme, and Kristen L. Murphy

~ Regis Komperda, Thomas C. Pentecost, and Jack Barbera

From the Archives: Paper Chromatography

This issue includes an article on the by Dulani Samarasekara, Courtney Hill, and Deb Mlsna. Paper chromatography has been explored extensively in the pages of the Journal. Here’s a sampling: 

~ Journal of Chemical Education Staff

~ Jeanne M. Buccigross

~ Robert Becker, John Ihde, Kersti Cox, and Jerry L. Sarquis

~ Kelli R. Galloway, Stacey Lowery Bretz, and Michael Novak

~ Alice M. Dias and Maria La Salete Ferreira

~ Birte Johanne Sjursnes, Lise Kvittingen, and Rudolf Schmid

~ Maria H. Du Toit, Per-Odd Eggen, Lise Kvittingen, Vassilia Partali, and Rudolf Schmid

~ Kurt R. Birdwhistell and Thomas G. Spence

~ Kristi Tami, Anastasia Popova, and Gloria Proni

~ Thayssa da S. F. Fagundes, Karen Danielle B. Dutra, Carlos Magno R. Ribeiro, Rosângela de A. Epifanio, Alessandra L. Valverde

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