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Journal of Chemical Education August 2018 Cover

Relevant Topics for Instruction and Assessment

The August 2018 issue of the Journal of Chemical Education is now available to subscribers. Topics featured in this issue include: the chemistry of candy and sugar, examining virtual learning for laboratories, strengthening student understanding of acid-base chemistry, building scientific communication skills, emphasizing learning, sustainability and green chemistry, cost-effective resources and techniques, laboratory investigations, ConfChem conference on mathematics in undergraduate chemistry instruction, erupting from the archive: soda geysers.

Cover: The Chemistry of Candy and Sugar

Candy-making is a sweet endeavor that appeals to chemists and cooks alike. In the article , Jennifer Logan Bayline, Halie M. Tucci, David W. Miller, Kaitlin D. Roderick, and Patricia A. Brletic describe a course that combines laboratory experiments and candy-making exercises to teach general chemistry principles and data collection. Making candy incorporates chemistry concepts into a course, such as solution concentration, colligative properties, and phase transformations, while flavoring and color reflect synthesis or extraction. 

For additional sweet articles in this issue, see:

~ Mindy Levine and Dana J. DiScenza

~ Adrian V. Wolfenden and Nathan L. Kilah

Examining Virtual Learning for Laboratories

~ Jodi L. Davenport, Anna N. Rafferty, and David J. Yaron (available to non-subscribers as part of ACS program)

~ Mike Stieff, Stephanie M. Werner, Bill Fink, and Dianne Meador

Strengthening Student Understanding of Acid-Base Chemistry

~ Amber J. Dood, Kimberly B. Fields, and Jeffrey R. Raker

~ Charles T. Cox, Jr., Jennifer Schwartz Poehlmann, Caitlin Ortega, and Julio C. Lopez

Building Scientific Communication Skills

~ Michelle S. Applebee, Ami P. Johanson, Kimberly A. Lawler-Sagarin, Eugene N. Losey, and Colleen Munro-Leighton (discussed by Erica Jacobsen in )

~ Marco Beeken and Michael Budke

~ Talitha Visser, T. Maaswinkel, F. Coenders, and S. McKenney

~ Ilse Rootman-le Grange and Liezel Retief

Emphasizing Learning

~ Sarah B. Boesdorfer, Emilee Baldwin, and Kyle A. Lieberum

~ Ainoa Marzabal, Virginia Delgado, Patricia Moreira, Lorena Barrientos, and Jeannette Moreno

Sustainability and Green Chemistry 

~ Brian J. J. Timmer, Fredrik Schaufelberger, Daniel Hammarberg, Johan Franzén, Olof Ramström, and Peter Dinér

~ Cindy Samet and Suresh Valiyaveettil

~ Ewa Iwanek (née Wilczkowska) and Marek Gliński

~ Marisol Fernández Rojas, Angélica M. Giorgi Pérez, María F. Agudelo Hernández, and Luz A. Carreño Díaz

~ Frank A. Leibfarth, M. Grace Russell, David M. Langley, Hyowon Seo, Liam P. Kelly, Daniel W. Carney, Jason K. Sello, and Timothy F. Jamison

~ Hua Zhou, Wang Zhan, Liuyang Wang, Lijun Guo, and Yun Liu

Cost-Effective Resources and Techniques

~ Chi H. Mak

~ Thomas R. Rybolt and Robert C. Mebane

~ Timothy L. Troyer, Kristen R. Mounsey, William J. King, Laura M. Givens, Jessica A. Hutton, Melissa Hood Benges, Kindra N. Whitlatch, and Jacob D. Wagoner

~ Deonir Agustini, Márcio F. Bergamini, and Luiz Humberto Marcolino-Junior

~ Eric V. Campbell and Joel S. Miller

Laboratory Investigations

~ Pablo Martín-Ramos, Maria Susano, Francisco P. S. C. Gil, Pedro S. Pereira da Silva, Jesús Martín-Gil, and Manuela Ramos Silva

~ Navamoney Arulsamy

~ Miriam C. Rodríguez González, Alberto Hernández Creus, and Pilar Carro

~ Sarah E. G. Porter, Amorette E. Barber, Olivia K. Colella, and Tanya D. Roach

~ Cory C. Pye, M. Angelique Imperial, Coltin Elson, Megan L. Himmelman, Jacquelyn A. White, and Fuhao Lin


ConfChem Conference on Mathematics in Undergraduate Chemistry Instruction

are free, open to the public, and run by the ACS DivCHED Committee on Computers in Chemical Education (). The discussed mathematics in undergraduate chemistry instruction and a summary of the conference papers are discussed in the following papers:

~ Jennifer L. Muzyka, Eric A. Nelson, W. Cary Kilner, Robert Belford, and Richard Spinney

~ Lynn S. Penn

~ Joselyn Del Pilar Albaladejo, Susan Broadway, Blain Mamiya, Amy Petros, Cynthia B. Powell, G. Robert Shelton, Deborah Rush Walker, Rebecca Weber, Vickie M. Williamson, and Diana Mason

~ Jayashree S. Ranga

~ Doreen Geller Leopold

~ Peter R. Craig

~ W. Cary Kilner

~ Rachel Neville, Patrick D. Shipman, Nancy E. Levinger, and Amber T. Krummel

~ Eric A. Nelson

Erupting from the Archive: Soda Geysers

This issue includes an article on by Thomas S. Kuntzleman, Michael W. Nydegger, Brooke Shadley, Ninad Doctor, and Dean J. Campbell. Various explorations of this beloved demonstration--the soda geyser--have been discussed in the pages of the Journal, including the following:

~ John E. Baur, Melinda B. Baur, and David A Franz

~ Christopher J. Huber and Aaron M. Massari 

~ Heather Patrick, Brenda Harmon, Janet Coonce, and Jack F. Eichler

~ Trevor P. T. Sims and Thomas S. Kuntzleman

~ Thomas S. Kuntzleman, Laura S. Davenport, Victoria I. Cothran, Jacob T. Kuntzleman, and Dean J. Campbell (Tom Kuntzleman discusses the background to this paper in his ChemEdX post, )

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