JCE 95.03 March 2018 Issue Highlights

Journal of Chemical Education March 2018 Cover

Students Using and Understanding Chemistry

The March 2018 issue of the Journal of Chemical Education is now available to subscribers. Topics featured in this issue include: demonstrations of magnetism and oxidation; the peer-review process; understanding how students learn organic mechanisms; multimedia- and computer-based learning; real-life chemistry activities; using games to teach chemistry; teaching kinetics; spectroscopy; analytical determinations; organic synthesis laboratories; distilling the archives: chemistry and paint.

Cover: Demonstrations of Magnetism and Oxidation 

Iron supplement tablets containing iron(II) sulfate can be used in chemistry demonstrations as a convenient, household source of small quantities of iron(II) ions. In , Max J. Palmer, Keri A. Martinez, Mayuresh G. Gadgil, and Dean J. Campbell discuss how the changes in color and magnetic susceptibility during iron supplement tablet combustion enable such tablets to be used in interesting demonstrations of oxidation and magnetism. For example, a viscous mixture of iron oxides, corn syrup, and water oozes upward toward a strong neodymium alloy magnet, as shown on the cover. The iron oxides were produced by burning four supplement tablets containing iron(II) sulfate; the resulting combustion products were combined with about eight milliliters of corn syrup and about one milliliter of water.

For additional experiments with magnetism and oxides of iron at ChemEdX, see: Tom Kuntzleman’s and Chemistry Comes Alive! Ferrimagnetism: Hematite and Magnetite: and .


John M. Risley, an associate editor for the Journal of Chemical Education, gives an inside tour of the peer-review process in .

Understanding How Students Learn Organic Mechanisms

~Kelli R. Galloway, Min Wah Leung, and Alison B. Flynn

~ Gautam Bhattacharyya and Michael S. Harris

~ Nicole Graulich and Michael Schween

Multimedia- and Computer-Based Learning

~Karina C. Scalco, Vicente Talanquer, Keila B. Kiill, and Marcia R. Cordeiro

~Chelsea Sweet, Oyewumi Akinfenwa, and Jonathan J. Foley, IV

~Nicholas Yee Kwang Tee, Hong Seng Gan, Jonathan Li, Brandon Huey-Ping Cheong, Han Yen Tan, Oi Wah Liew, and Tuck Wah Ng

Real-Life Chemistry Activities

~Joan M. Esson, Rachael Scott, and Carrigan J. Hayes

~ Antonio Joaquín Franco-Mariscal

~John Cullen and Fraser J. Scott

Using Games To Teach Chemistry

~ Blakely M. Adair and Lyle V. McAfee


Nathalie V. le Maire, Dominique Ph. Verpoorten, Marie-Laure S. Fauconnier, and Catherine G. Colaux-Castillo

Teaching Kinetics

~ Ed DePierro, Fred Garafalo, and Patrick Gordon

~ Jeffrey P. Potratz

~ Lea Festersen, Peter Gilch, Anna Reiffers, and Ramona Mundt


~ Andrew W. Muelleman and Rainer E. Glaser

~ Chansyanah Diawati, Liliasari, Agus Setiabudi, and Buchari

~ Robert Koncki, Marta Pokrzywnicka, and Łukasz Tymecki

~Eivind V. Kvittingen, Lise Kvittingen, Thor Bernt Melø, Birte Johanne Sjursnes, and Richard Verley

Analytical Determinations

~Peter M. Schaber and Geoffrey Hobika

~Victoria Sedwick, Anne Leal, Dea Turner, and A Bakarr Kanu

~Mary T. van Opstal, Philip Nahlik, Patrick L. Daubenmire, and Alanah Fitch

~ Lida Khalafi, Pamela Doolittle, and John Wright

Organic Synthesis Laboratories

~ Thai Phat Truong, Sophia J. Bailey, Alexandra E. Golliher, Erika Y. Monroy, Uttar K. Shrestha, and William A. Maio

~ Heather DeFrancesco, Joshua Dudley, and Adiel Coca

~ Catarina A. B. Rodrigues, Iris Neto, Patricia Rijo, and Carlos A. M. Afonso

Distilling the Archives: Chemistry and Paint

In , Joan M. Esson, Rachael Scott, and Carrigan J. Hayes discuss an activity inspired by the vandalism of a modern art painting with graffiti ink. Using paint to teach chemistry has also been featured in other JCE articles, including: 

~ Anne C. Gaquere-Parker, N. Allie Doles, Cass D. Parker

~ Sally D. Solomon, Susan A. Rutkowsky, Megan L. Mahon, Erica M. Halpern

~ Jillian L. Blatti

 ~ Jenna Lech and Vladimir Dounin

~ Nancy S. Gettys

~ Delana A. Nivens, Clifford W. Padgett, Jeffery M. Chase, Katie J. Verges, and Deborah S. Jamieson

~ Katharine J. Harmon, Lisa M. Miller, and Julie T. Millard

On ChemEdX, chemistry and art have been discussed:

~ MeyersChemistry

~ Erica Posthuma-Adams 

Using the Journal to Understand Chemistry

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