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Celebrating the Value of Chemistry

The October 2017 issue of the Journal of Chemical Education is now available to subscribers. Topics featured in this issue include: geochemistry in action; research on effective teaching and study approaches; keeping education and chemistry relevant; communication and writing; spectroscopy; chromatography; synthesis; teaching resources; mining the archive: chemistry rocks!

Cover: Geochemistry in Action: Watch a Dripstone Grow!

Nature beautifies the ruins of an aging concrete bunker with brilliant white stalagmites. Although the chemical composition and morphology of these formations is equivalent to those found in limestone caves, the chemical process creating them is different and much faster. In , Bertram Schmidkonz makes use of this phenomenon to grow dripstone in an innovative lab experiment activity, which is more chemically realistic than the well-known dripping salt solution demonstration. Because a simple acid-base reaction is involved, this novel approach provides teachers with an opportunity to connect basic chemistry concepts to a geochemical feature, engaging the interest of students with its real-world context. This article and others in the issue can help you communicate the value of chemistry in our everyday life during National Chemistry Week, being celebrated October 22-28, 2017, with the theme "Chemistry Rocks!". For example, see articles on:


~ Curtis Mowry, Rob Milofsky, William Collins, and Adam S. Pimentel

~ Hun Bok Jung, Felix Zamora, and Nurdan S. Duzgoren-Aydin

~ Fun Man Fung and Simon Francis Watts


~ Steven Murov and Arnold Chavez

~ Timothy J. Boyle, Jeremiah M. Sears, Bernadette A. Hernandez-Sanchez, Maddison R. Casillas, and Thao H. Nguyen

~ Nicole L. Gagnon and Anna J. Komor


~ Ben Ruekberg and David L. Freeman

~ Ryo Horikoshi, Fumitaka Takeiri, Riho Mikita, Yoji Kobayashi, and Hiroshi Kageyama


Norbert J. Pienta writes about in this month's editorial, with particular attention to current Journal policy about prior publication and tools for open access

Research on Effective Teaching and Study Approaches

~ Martina A. Rau, Kristopher Kennedy, Lucas Oxtoby, Mark Bollom, and John W. Moore

~ Diane M. Bunce, Regis Komperda, Maria J. Schroeder, Debra K. Dillner, Shirley Lin, Melonie A. Teichert, and JudithAnn R. Hartman

Keeping Education and Chemistry Relevant

~ Rebecca A. Hill and Christopher P. Nicholson

~ Nur Yaisyah Bte Md Yasin and Ong Yueying

~ Valerie A. Keller and Beatrice Lin Kendall

~ Nathalie F. S. de Melo, Leonardo F. Fraceto, and Renato Grillo

Communication and Writing

~ David J. Slade and Justin S. Miller

~ David J. Slade


~ Eivind V. Kvittingen, Lise Kvittingen, Thor Bernt Melø, Birte Johanne Sjursnes, and Richard Verley

~ Yilan Miao and Courtney L. Thomas

~ Adam L. Pay, Curtiss Kovash, and Brian A. Logue

~ Lucas A. Morrill, Jacquelin K. Kammeyer, and Neil K. Garg

~ Josué Carvalho, João A. Queiroz, and Carla Cruz


~ Patrick D. Parker, Brandon Beers, and Matthew J. Vergne

~ Douglas J. Beussman and John P. Walters

~ Steven Halepas, Randy Hamchand, Samuel E. D. Lindeyer, and Christian Brückner


~ Homar Barcena and Katarzyna Maziarz

~ Brian E. Love and Lisa J. Bennett

~ Mónica S. Estevão, Ricardo J. V. Martins, and Carlos A. M. Afonso

~ Alberto Fernández, Margarita López-Torres, Jesús J. Fernández, Digna Vázquez-García, and Ismael Marcos

Teaching Resources

~ Anna Michmerhuizen, Karine Rose, Wentiirim Annankra, and Douglas A. Vander Griend

~ Qing Zhang, Ly Brode, Tingting Cao, and J. E. Thompson

~ Shuo Wang, Jing Wang, and Yanjing Gao

~ Shirong Li, Jianzhong Guo, Kewang Wang, Lin Chen, Daodao Hu, and Yunshan Bai

~ Pascal Pernot

~ Ronald A. Hites

Mining the Archives: Chemistry Rocks!

Celebrate National Chemistry Week 2017: Chemistry Rocks! with geochemistry resources in past issues of JCE, such as:

Geology-Inspired Chemistry Laboratories

~ Anne C. Gaquere-Parker, N. Allie Doles, Cass D. Parker

~ Sally D. Solomon, Susan A. Rutkowsky, Megan L. Mahon, Erica M. Halpern

~ Cris E. Johnson, Gordon T. Yee, and Jeannine E. Eddleton

 ~ A. M. R. P. Bopegedera

~ Xinhua Xu, Meifen Wu, Xiaogang Wang, Yangyiwei Yang, Xiang Shi, Guoping Wang

~ A. M. R. P. Bopegedera, Christopher L. Coughenour, Andrew J. Oswalt

Minerals and Crystals

~ Thomas H. Bindel

~ Ilia A. Guzei

~ Carl D. Baer

~ JCE staff

~ Charles F. Davidson and Michael R. Slabaugh

~ Steven L. Suib

~ Masatada Matsuoka

At ChemEdX,

~ Tom Kuntzleman

~ Erica Jacobsen

News & Announcements

Save the dates! ~ Steven M. Wietstock, Cathrine Reck, and James Parise

Chemistry Always Rocks in JCE

With over 94 years of content from the Journal of Chemical Education available, you will always discover something useful—including the , and many more, in . Articles that are edited and published online ahead of print () are also available.