JCE 94.05 May 2017 Issue Highlights

Journal of Chemical Education May 2017 Cover

Lasting Value and High Impact

The May 2017 issue of the Journal of Chemical Education is now available to subscribers. Topics featured in this issue include: project- and inquiry-based laboratories; measuring value and impact; research on core ideas and clickers; new twists on classic activities; understanding diffraction; acid-base chemistry; teaching informed by technology: flipped learning, biochemistry labs, and scientific computing for chemists; from the archives: chemistry helps feed the world.

Cover: Project- and Inquiry-Based Laboratories 

A recent transformation in the general chemistry laboratory courses at Michigan State University has yielded a series of project-based labs focused on the scientific and engineering practices from A Framework for K–12 Science Education. One such lab investigates the chemistry behind commercially available glow sticks. Shown on the cover are reaction mixtures with four different dyes before (top) and after (bottom) the addition of hydrogen peroxide, which drives the reaction. Dyes used (from left to right) are rhodamine B, rhodamine 6G, 9,10-bis(phenylethynyl)anthracene, and 9,10-diphenylanthracene. For further details see the laboratory experiment, , by Justin H. Carmel, Joseph S. Ward, and Melanie M. Cooper.

For additional inquiry-based labs in this issue, see:

~ Joi P. Walker and Steven F. Wolf

~ Edward M. Treadwell, Zhiqing Yan, and Xiao Xiao

Measuring Value and Impact
Norbert J. Pienta and Marcy H. Towns discuss the metrics of of the Journal of Chemical Education. This topic is discussed in greater detail in: by Jon-Marc G. Rodriguez, Kinsey Bain, Alena Moon, Michael R. Mack, Brittland K. DeKorver, and Marcy H. Towns.

Research on Core Ideas and Clickers

~ Melanie M. Cooper, Lynmarie A. Posey, and Sonia M. Underwood (This article is available to non-subscribers as part of ACS program.)

~ Rebecca E. Gibbons, Emily E. Laga, Jessica Leon, Sachel M. Villafañe, Marilyne Stains, Kristen Murphy, and Jeffrey R. Raker

New Twists on Classic Activities

~ Thomas S. Kuntzleman, Laura S. Davenport, Victoria I. Cothran, Jacob T. Kuntzleman, and Dean J. Campbell (Tom Kuntzleman discusses the background to this paper in his recent ChemEdX post, )

~ Masatada Matsuoka (To invistigate another chemical garden, try the from the May 2000 issue of JCE.)

Understanding Diffraction

~ Paul A. E. Piunno

~ Joseph M. Brom

~ James K. Harper and Emily C. Heider

Acid­-Base Chemistry

~ Xuemei Zhang

~ Lauren E. Grabowski and Scott R. Goode

 ~ Seoung-Hey Paik, Sungki Kim, and Kihyang Kim

~Garon C. Smith and Md Mainul Hossain

Teaching Informed by Technology

Flipped Learning

~ Michael A. Christiansen, Louis Nadelson, Lianna Etchberger, Marilyn Cuch, Trish A. Kingsford, and Leslie O. Woodward

Biochemistry Labs

~ Víctor G. Almendro Vedia, Paolo Natale, Su Chen, Francisco Monroy, Véronique Rosilio, and Iván López-Montero

~ Laura Rowe

~ Aaron R. Van Dyke and Jillian Smith-Carpenter

Scientific Computing for Chemists

~Evan Camrud and Daniel B. Turner

~ Charles J. Weiss

From the Archives: Chemistry Helps Feed the World

Although Earth Day was celebrated in April, it's always timely to engage students with environmental chemistry. In keeping with the ACS's 2017 theme for Chemists Celebrate Earth Day, Chemistry Helps Feed the World, some ideas and suggestions for bringing environmental chemistry to students on agricultural and food chemistry, agrochemicals, and soil and water are available at .

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