JCE 92.07—July 2015 Issue Highlights

Journal of Chemical Education July 2015 Cover

Encouraging Meaningful Learning

The July 2015 issue of the Journal of Chemical Education is now available to subscribers. This issue includes articles on ; ; ; ; ; ; .


In , Norbert J. Pienta muses that managing expectations about serving academic roles may be more important than ever.

Book and Media Recommendations for Summer Reading

 ~Cheryl Baldwin Frech;  ~ Brian P. Coppola;  ~ Brittland DeKorver;  ~ Hal H. Harris


On the Cover

In , Nicole K. Swope, Patrick J. Fryfogle, and Tami L. Sivy describe a flexible, rigorous laboratory experiment for upper-level biochemistry undergraduates. In this experiment, DNA is extracted and purified from maize kernel and leaf samples collected from field samples of maize with a glyphosate-resistant transferase gene. Students detect the transgene of this genetically modified crop and assess the structural characteristics of the protein translated from the gene of interest using a combination of bioinformatics and computational-modeling techniques.

Additional Biochemistry Labs

~ Katherine A. McLain, Kenneth A. Miller, and William R. Collins

~ Dušan Petrović and Mario Zlatović

~ M. Ângela Taipa, Ana M. Azevedo, António L. Grilo, Pedro T. Couto, Filipe A. G. Ferreira, Ana R. M. Fortuna, Inês F. Pinto, Rafael M. Santos, and Susana B. Santos

~ Gopal R. Periyannan, Barbara A. Lawrence, and Annie E. Egan

Biochemistry for Mobile Devices

~ Thanuci Silva and Eduardo Galembeck

Web-Based Learning

~ Nicola J. Burrmann and John W. Moore

~ Grace A. Winschel, Renata K. Everett, Brian P. Coppola, and Ginger V. Shultz , Steven Lonn

~ Joel A. Caughran and Richard W. Morrison


Chemical Education Research: ~ Kelli R. Galloway and Stacey Lowery Bretz

~ Mark L. Campbell

Organic Chemistry

Chemical Education Research: ~ Anne O’Dwyer and Peter Childs

~ Donna J. Nelson, Ravi Kumar, and Saravanan Ramasamy


~ Elizabeth A. Colby Davie

~ Steven W. Goldstein and Amely V. Cross

~ Deyvid G. M. Oliveira, Clarissa H. Rosa, Bruna P. Vargas, Diego S. Rosa, Márcia V. Silveira, Neusa F. de Moura, and Gilber R. Rosa

 ~ Samuel Goodrich, Miloni Patel, and Zachary R. Woydziak

~ Douglass F. Taber and Samantha J. Brannick

~ Simon D. A. Davis, Simon D. Holland, Matthew S. A. Kingswell, Patrick M. Lavery, Martin J. Smith, Christopher M. Thomas, James E. A. Tizzard, George T. West, and Ashley D. Z. Zee , Alaa K. Abdul-Sada and Jonathan P. Hare

Physical Chemistry

~ Sheridan R. Martini and Cynthia J. Hartzell

~ Eduardo Pérez

From the Archives: Carbon Footprint Activities

In this issue, Daniel J. Berger and Andrew D. Jorgensen present an activity on .

Other articles in past issues that explore carbon footprints include:

~ Gabriel Pinto and Maria T. Oliver-Hoyo

~ Richard S. Treptow

(including the activities in the ) ~ Vicki H. Grassian and Elizabeth A. Stone

~ R. Brzenk, A. Moore, M. J. Alfano, P. T. Buckley, M. E. Newman, and Frank M. Dunnivant

Even after 92 Years, There’s Always Room for Improvement

This issue includes information on how to make . Do you have something to share? To , there are numerous author resources available on JCE’s ACS Web site, including recently updated:

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