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Extending and Deepening Student Understanding

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The pyrotechnic thermite reaction showcases the influence of kinetic versus thermodynamic control over reaction dynamics in a visually spectacular way. A mixture of iron oxide and aluminum powder, unreactive under ambient conditions, requires a large input of energy to spark a reaction. Once this barrier to activation is overcome, the mixture rapidly produces the more thermodynamically favored molten iron and aluminum oxide products, as discussed in by Brett A. McGuire, P. Brandon Carroll, Adam N. Boynton, Jeffrey M. Mendez, and Geoffrey A. Blake.


In , Norbert J. Pienta discusses experiences with active learning strategies and student engagement in these activities.

Updating the Curriculum

~ Thomas J. Wenzel, Anne B. McCoy, and Clark R. Landis

~ Thomas Holme, Cynthia Luxford, and Kristen Murphy

~ Matthew R. Hartings, Douglas M. Fox, Abigail E. Miller, and Kathryn E. Muratore


~ Cynthia J. Luxford and Thomas A. Holme

~ Mark F. Klawiter

Inorganic Chemistry

Book and Media Reviews

~ Kiley P.-H. Miller

~ Wheeler Conover

Chemical Education Research

~ Jeffrey R. Raker, Barbara A. Reisner, Sheila R. Smith, Joanne L. Stewart, Johanna L. Crane, Les Pesterfield, and Sabrina G. Sobel  (This article is available to non-subscribers as part of ACS’s  program.)

~ Jeffrey R. Raker, Barbara A. Reisner, Sheila R. Smith, Joanne L. Stewart, Johanna L. Crane, Les Pesterfield, and Sabrina G. Sobel (This article is available to non-subscribers as part of ACS’s  program.)


~ Chris P. Schaller, Kate J. Graham, and Brian J. Johnson

~ Marco Ghirardi, Fabio Marchetti, Claudio Pettinari, Alberto Regis, and Ezio Roletto

Laboratory Experiments

~ Valeria Ugone, Eugenio Garribba, Giovanni Micera, and Daniele Sanna

~ Benjamin J. Kasting, Andrew K. Bowser, Amelia M. Anderson-Wile, and Bradley M. Wile


~ Sarina J. Dorazio and Christian Brückner

~ Mikhail Kurushkin

Investigating Galvanic Cells & Exploring LEDs

~ Anchalee Chatmontree, Sanoe Chairam, Saksri Supasorn, Maliwan Amatatongchai, Purim Jarujamrus, Suparb Tamuang, and Ekasith Somsook

~ Per-Odd Eggen and Brit Skaugrud

~ Graham T. Cheek

Atomic Structure

~ Robert C. Rittenhouse

~ Carrie S. Miller and Mark Ellison

~ Mikhail Kurushkin

~ Gary G. Hoffman

Nanochemistry Laboratories

~ Samir V. Jenkins, Taylor D. Gohman, Emily K. Miller, and Jingyi Chen

~ Seth W. Brittle, Joshua D. Baker, Kevin M. Dorney, Jessica M. Dagher, Tala Ebrahimian, Steven R. Higgins, and Ioana E. Pavel Sizemore

~ Chi-Feng Lee, Pei-Yun You, Ying-Chiao Lin, Tsai-Ling Hsu, Pi-Yun Cheng, Yu-Xuan Wu, Chi-Shun Tseng, Sheng-Wen Chen, Huey-Por Chang, and Yang-Wei Lin

Physical Chemistry in the Lab

~ Yue Wang, Xinhua Xu, Meifen Wu, Huikang Hu, and Xiaogang Wang

~ James D. Gaynor, Anna M. Wetterer, Rea M. Cochran, Edward J. Valente, and Steven G. Mayer

~ Janine G. Morton, Candice L. Joe, Massiel C. Stolla, Sophia R. Koshland, Casey H. Londergan, and Mark H. Schofield

~ Débora C. Mendes, Vaidhyanathan Ramamurthy, and José P. Da Silva

~ Thomas D. Varberg and Kacper Skakuj


~ Rita C. C. Duarte, M. Gabriela T. C. Ribeiro, and Adélio A. S. C. Machado

~ Philippa B. Cranwell, Alexander M. Peterson, Benjamin T. R. Littlefield, and Andrew T. Russell

From the Archives: Chemistry & Sport

With summer upon us, hopefully there’s more time to be outside to enjoy a favorite sport. For an extensive list of article in past issues of JCE on chemistry and sports, see:

~ Erica K. Jacobsen

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