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The photochemical decomposition of aryldiazonium salts is the basis of the “diazo printing” technique (or “whiteprint”), used to reproduce technical drawings. In the article, Fabio Parmeggiani describes a version of this technique that uses a recent, much less toxic synthetic method to create photosensitive paper that can be printed by exposure to UV light through a suitable template, and developed using ammonia. With the three couplers suggested in the article, it is possible to obtain prints in dark yellow, red, and purple, as shown on the cover.


Thomas C. Pentecost and Sherril Soman discuss the upcoming 23rd Biennial Conference on Chemical Education in .


Donald J. Wink provides clarity about the pedagogical and philosophical aspects of constructivism in .

Chemical Education Research

by Paul Schwartz and Jack Barbera.

by Kristen N. Cranford, Jessica M. Tiettmeyer, Bryan C. Chuprinko, Sophia Jordan, and Nathaniel P. Grove.

Improving Students’ Laboratory and Research Skills

Stewart B. Kirton, Abdullah Al-Ahmad, and Suzanne Fergus

by Paul A. E. Piunno, Cleo Boyd, Virginijus Barzda, Claudiu C. Gradinaru, Ulrich J. Krull, Sasa Stefanovic, and Bryan Stewart

by Sayo O. Fakayode, Mamudu Yakubu, Olasumbo M. Adeyeye, David A. Pollard, and Abdul K. Mohammed

Aiding Student Understanding Using Technology and Multimedia

by Elinor Gottschalk and Bhawani Venkataraman

by Sandra Cotes and José Cotuá

by John G. D’Angelo

by Ginger V. Shultz, Grace A. Winschel, Ronald C. Inglehart, and Brian P. Coppola

Aaron W. Amick and Nancy Cross
Journal of Chemical Education 2014 91 (5), 753-756

Engaging Student Interest

by M. Araceli Calvo Pascual

by John J. Dolhun

by Craig J. Donahue and Jennifer A. Exline

Silver on the Nanoscale

by Guido Panzarasa

by Junhua Yu

by Wesley C. Sanders and co-workers

Organic and Biochemistry in the Laboratory

by Alexander J. Wagner, Shawn M. Miller, Steven Nguyen, Ga Young Lee, Scott D. Rychnovsky, and Renée D. Link

by James A. MacKay and Nicholas R. Wetzel

by James P. McEvoy

by Jeffrey K. Myers

NMR in the Laboratory

by Joanne D. Kehlbeck, Clancy C. Slack, Marilyn T. Turnbull, and Susan J. Kohler

by Peter Olaf Sandusky

by Brian R. Dauner and David L. Pringle

Teaching Electronics by Using Arduino 

by Robert L. McClain

by Pawel L. Urban

From the Archives: Teaching with Toys

The May issue contains the article by Erick Castellón.
 A few of the many articles in past issues of JCE on teaching chemistry using toys include:

by Arlyne. M. (Mickey) Sarquis and Jerry L. Sarquis

by JCE staff

by Gene R. Ziegler

by JCE staff

by K. David Pinkerton

For an extensive list of materials in JCE on teaching with toys, see:

by Erica K. Jacobsen

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