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Chemists Celebrate Earth Day—The Wonders of Water

The April 2014 issue of the Journal of Chemical Education is now available to subscribers. The April issue features water and environmental chemistry.

Chemists Celebrate Earth Day is an ACS annual event that seeks to bring international focus to environmental topics, such as clean air, water, and energy, to illustrate the positive role chemistry plays in preserving Earth. The 2014 theme—The Wonders of Water—features the unique properties of water that are crucial for life and a cleaner environment.

There are articles on water and environmental chemistry throughout the April issue to help you make the most of this yearly celebration:


by Peter G. Mahaffy

Activity-Based Approaches to Teaching about Water

by Laura Eisen, Nadia Marano, and Samantha Glazier

by Daphna Mandler, Ron Blonder, Malka Yayon, Rachel Mamlok-Naaman, and Avi Hofstein

Environmental Projects

by Brian P. Zoellner, Richard H. Chant, and Kelly Wood

by Mitch D’Arcy, Florence Bullough, Chris Moffat, Edoardo Borgomeo, Micheal Teh, Ramon Vilar, and Dominik J. Weiss

Water Demonstration

by Ryan L. Stowe, Steven M. Bischof, Michael M. Konnick, Claas H. Hövelmann, Deborah Leach-Scampavia, Roy A. Periana, and Brian G. Hashiguchi

Water Labs

by Alandra Kahl, Danita Heller, and Kim Ogden

by Gergely Sirokman

by Polly R. Piergiovanni

by Alexandre Villela, Goverdina C. H. Derksen, and Teris A. van Beek

by Molly C. Larsen

Environmental Labs

by Nuria Chinchilla, Alexandra G. Durán, Ceferino Carrera, Jesús Ayuso, and Francisco A. Macías

by Hanan Alwaseem, Craig J. Donahue, and Simona Marincean

by Julie A. Palkendo, Jessica Kovach, and Thomas A. Betts

by Nathan Garrison, Maria Cunningham, Douglas Varys, and Douglas J. Schauer

by Francisco Pena-Pereira, Marta Costas, Carlos Bendicho, and Isela Lavilla

by Kathlyn L. Fillman and Julie A. Palkendo

by Qinlan Yang, Jun Long, Hao Zheng, Xianqing Tian, Dean Lei, Xiaoqiong Zhu, Yong Guo, and Dan Xiao

Advanced Placement (AP) Chemistry

It’s Advanced Placement (AP) testing time of year. The authors Jennifer Claesgens, Paul L. Daubenmire, Kathleen M. Scalise, Scott Balicki, Perman Gochyyev, and Angelica M. Stacy researched the question:

This article is available to non-subscribers as part of ACS’s new program. Additional discussions on AP Chemistry will be appearing later this year in the September issue.


by Eylem Bayir

by Colleen J. Conway and Maureen Leonard

Biochemistry Resources

by Colleen J. Conway

by Paul A. Sims

by Gareth W. Price, Phillip S. Gould, and Andrew Marsh

From the Archives

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