JCE 91.03—March 2014 Issue Highlights

Journal of Chemical Education March 2014 Cover

Teaching Chemistry and Making a Difference

The of the Journal of Chemical Education is now available online to subscribers. The March issue features: changing the curriculum to make connections, forensic chemistry, computer-based learning, hands-on activities and labs for introductory chemistry, teaching physical chemistry, organic and biochemistry labs, and the mole concept.


Norbert J. Pienta, Editor-in-Chief of JCE, muses on


In , Paul D. Hooker, William A. Deutschman, and Brian J. Avery describe a rigorous course developed as a collaborative effort between a chemistry program and a biology program. The course is primarily laboratory- and inquiry-based and includes two different small-scale (one-gallon) fermentations undertaken by students with a background of one year of general chemistry and general biology.

Chemical Education Research

The article by Cynthia J. Luxford and Stacey Lowery Bretz
 was recently selected as an article and is freely available to all interested readers.

Changing the Curriculum To Make Connections

 by Chris P. Schaller, Kate J. Graham, Brian J. Johnson, M. A. Fazal, T. Nicholas Jones, Edward J. McIntee, and Henry V. Jakubowski

 by Donna M. Chamely-Wiik, Jerome E. Haky, Deborah W. Louda, and Nancy Romance

Forensic Chemistry

by Linda Ahrenkiel and Martin Worm-Leonhard

 by Peter D. Marle, Lisa Decker, Victoria Taylor, Kathleen Fitzpatrick, David Khaliqi, Janel E. Owens, and Renee M. Henry

by Audrey F. Meyer, Cassandra M. Knutson, Solaire A. Finkenstaedt-Quinn, Sarah M. Gruba, Ben M. Meyer, John W. Thompson, Melissa A. Maurer-Jones, Sharon Halderman, Ayesha S. Tillman, Lizanne DeStefano, and Christy L. Haynes

by Sara E. Nielsen, Jonathan P. Scaffidi, and Ellen J. Yezierski

Computer-based Learning

Samuel P. Bryfczynski, Rebecca Brown, Josiah Hester, Andrew Herrmann, Danielle L. Koch, Melanie M. Cooper, and Nathaniel P. Grove

 by Andrea M. Geyer

 by Sachin Saxena and Soami P. Satsangee

 by Jessica L. Menke

Hands-On Activities and Labs for Introductory Chemistry

 by Christopher J. Huber and Aaron M. Massari

 by Deborah Polvani Sunderland

 by K. Christopher Smith and Diana Cedillo

 by Martin Lundqvist

Teaching Physical Chemistry


by Elon Langbeheim, Samuel A. Safran, and Edit Yerushalmi

by Lionel M. Raff

by Francisco M. Vargas

by Klaus Schmidt-Rohr

Quantum Mechanics

by Ross D. Hoehn, Nick Mack, and Sabre Kais

by Ross D. Hoehn, Nick Mack, and Sabre Kais

Organic and Biochemistry Labs

by Bopha Chrea, Juliette A. O’Connell, Orlando Silkstone-Carter, John O’Brien, and John J. Walsh

 by Heba Abourahma, Lynn Bradley, Nichole M. Lareau, and Megan Reesbeck

by Brian J. Stockman, Jill S. Asheld, Paola J. Burburan, Ana Galesic, Zohar Nawlo, and Kylie F. Sikorski

From the Archive: The Mole Concept    

This issue contains the article 
by Su-Chi Fang, Christina Hart, and David Clarke. Some articles in past issues of JCE on the mole concept include:

by Andrzej Barański

by Laura B. Bruck and Marcy H. Towns

by Hans de Grys and Dawn M. Wakeley

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