Especially JCE: December 2017

J Chem Educ December 2017 cover

Especially JCE posts usually focus on the content of the Journal of Chemical Education—highlighting and discussing articles of potential interest to high school chemistry educators. As the 2017 year of JCE issues and my related Chem Ed Xchange posts wrap up, I’m temporarily shifting the focus this month to the interconnected web of people behind the articles you see each year.

At the forefront are those who choose to contribute to JCE. Authors are the foundation of the Journal, as they share the work they do in classrooms, science museums, online, and elsewhere. I appreciate their willingness to submit their innovative resources to the review process for possible publication. It takes time, it takes energy, it takes courage.

Peer reviewers are another major group in the publication process. They bring their specific background expertise to a review, chiming in with their unique viewpoints to help associate editors and the editor-in-chief make recommendations for an always-flowing stream of manuscripts. The behind-the-scenes work of these anonymous voices can point out possible changes to authors that can make a good paper even better.

Current editor-in-chief Norb Pienta’s editorial this month recognizes the contributions of members of JCE’s editorial group that take an article from its first electronic submission to the moment you, the reader, can access it on Articles ASAP (As Soon As Publishable) on the JCE website. He also calls attention to the work of partners that make the continued running of the Journal possible. I encourage you to read his editorial to connect names to the pages you see.

At the same time, I also take on a cheerleader (arm twister?) role to ask you to seriously think about becoming an author and/or peer reviewer if you haven’t already. My 2011 article speaks to some of the common obstacles for high school teachers writing for JCE, with ways to overcome them.

More from the December 2017 Issue

A special shout-out to Mary Saecker, who puts together the monthly Issues Highlights. Pienta’s editorial announces that she has taken over the role of JCE managing editor upon Jon Holmes’ retirement from the University of Wisconsin. Her post  will give you a quick overview of the latest issue.

Are you a high school teacher who has reviewed or written for the Journal? Share your experience with others! Start by submitting a , explaining you’d like to contribute to the Especially JCE column. Then, put your thoughts together in a blog post. Questions? Contact us using the ChemEd X .