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Volume 2

Table of Contents

Chemistry Comes Alive! topics are listed by chapter.

Matrix of Chapters and Topics

Chemistry Comes Alive! topics are listed in a matrix which includes direct paths to the movies.


Chemical terms are defined and linked to Chemistry Comes Alive! topics. Examples: mercury, barium, carbon

Chemistry Textbooks

Several popular texts are cross-referenced by chapter to Chemistry Comes Alive! topics.


Chemistry comes alive with movies, pictures, and animations.


  1. Curie Point of Nickel Movie
  2. Ice Bomb Movie
  3. Colors of Elements in a Flame: Cobalt(II) Chloride Movie
  4. Pictures relating to Critical Point of Benzene
  5. Molecular inages of Ethanol in the topic Vapor Pressure: Using Barometers

Topic Examples

Chemical behavior is shown with series of movies organized into topics.


  1. Superconductivity
  2. Simulation of Dislocations in Metals
  3. Like Dissolves Like: Multimedia Exercise

First Topic

You can browse through all the topics sequentially. At the bottom of each page you will find a link to the "next sequential topic".

Additional information

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Installation notes
Demonstration Notes including citations and safety information


Many people contributed to this project and are credited throughout. A few general credits can be accessed here: (45 ) (140 ) (139 ) (78 ) .

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