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Volume 2

Textbook Cross Reference

Chemistry: The Central Science, by Theodore L. Brown, H. Eugene LeMay, Jr., Bruce E. Bursten

Chemistry, by Raymond Chang (6th Ed.)

Chemistry, The Study Of Matter, by Henry Dorin, Peter E. Demmin, Dorothy L. Gabel

General Chemistry, by Darrell D. Ebbing

Heath Chemistry, by J. Dudley Herron, Jerry L. Sarquis, Clifford L. Schrader, David V, Frank, Mickey Sarquis, David A. Kukla

Chemistry for Changing Times, by John W. Hill, Doris K. Kolb

The Chemical World: Concepts and Applications, (2nd Ed.) by John W. Moore, Conrad L. Stanitski, James L. Wood, John C. Kotz, Melvin D. Joesten

Chemistry & Chemical Reactivity, by John C. Kotz, Paul Treichel

Chemistry: Connections to Our Changing World , by H. Eugene LeMay, Herbert Beall, Karen M. Robblee, Douglas C. Brower

Principles of Modern Chemistry, by David W. Oxtoby, Norman H. Nachtrieb

General Chemistry with Quantitative Analysis, by WIlliam R. Robinson, Jerome D. Odom, Henry F. Holtzclaw Jr.,

Merrill Chemistry, by Robert C. Smoot, Richard G. Smith, Jack Price

Chemistry in the Community, by American Chemistry Society

Holt Chemistry: Visualizing Matter, by Salvatore Tocci, Claudia Viehland

Holt Modern Chemistry, by Nicholas D. Tzimopoulos, H. Clark Metcalfe, Williams, Castka

Addison-Wesley Chemistry, by Antony C. Wilbraham, Dennis D. Staley, Michael S. Matta

Introductory Chemistry, by Steven S. Zumdahl, Iris K. Stovall

Chemistry, by Steven S. Zumdahl

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