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Conceptual Questions (CQs): Other Sources of Conceptual Questions
Other sources for examples of the use of conceptual questions are listed below.
The Chemistry ConcepTests Site at the University of Wisconsin-Madison is a group effort that contains many conceptual questions with answers. These questions are designed to be used in lecture as ConcepTests. The site contains numerous questions in General and Inorganic and a few questions in Analytical and Organic.
Voyages in Conceptual Chemistry is a collection of 150 problems designed to cover the principles taught in a typical first year chemistry course. Barouch, D. Voyages in Conceptual Chemistry, 1st ed.; Jones and Barlett Publishers: Sudbury, MA, 1997.
A discussion of the background, structure, and development of the general chemistry conceptual exam available from the ACS Examinations Institute is described in Bowen, C. W.; Bunce, D. M. "Testing for Conceptual Understanding in General Chemistry", The Chemical Educator, 1997 2(2).

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