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Conceptual Questions and Challenge Problems
CQs and ChPsConceptual Questions and Challenge Problems is a source of questions and problems that can be used in teaching and assessing conceptual understanding and problem solving in chemistry. Here you can find a library of free response and multiple choice conceptual questions and challenge problems, tips for writing these questions and problems, and a discussion of types of concept questions. This site is intended to be a means of sharing conceptual questions and challenge problems among chemical educators.
Conceptual Questions (CQs)
Conceptual QuestionsConceptual questions tap into a student's understanding of chemical ideas associated with the question. These questions can be used to challenge students to articulate their understanding and, in the process, to evaluate that understanding. Many conceptual questions involve all three forms of representation--macroscopic, particulate, and symbolic--used to represent and translate chemical information.
Challenge Problems (ChPs)
Challenge ProblemsChallenge problems are multi-step (and sometimes multi-concept) problems that are designed to be worked in groups in order to encourage student interaction and group learning and thereby involve students actively in learning chemistry. These problems can be used to supplement traditional lectures and textbooks. 
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CQs and ChPs

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