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Library of Conceptual Questions (CQs): Thermodynamics
Assuming that Ho298 and So298 do not change with temperature, is it possible for a reaction that is nonspontaneous under standard state conditions to become spontaneous both at some higher temperature and at some lower temperature? Explain your answer.

Suppose you are a member of an environmental group and have been assigned to evaluate various ways of delivering milk to consumers with respect to free energy conservation. Think of all the ways that milk could be delivered, the kinds of containers that could be used, the ways they could be transported, and whether the containers could be reused (refillable) or recycled. Define the problem in terms of the kinds of information you would need to collect, how you would analyze the information, and the criteria you would use to decide which systems are more efficient in use of free energy. Do not try to collect the actual data you would use, but define the problem well enough so that someone could collect the necessary databased on your statement of the problem.

(This question may also be considered a challenge problem.)

Source: Used with permission from Moore, J. W., Stanitski, C.L., Wood, J. L., Kotz, J. C., and Joesten, M. D., The Chemical World, 2nd ed., Saunders, Philadelphia, 1998.

 Home > JCEDLib > QBank > Collection > CQs and ChPs > CQs > CQ Library > Thermodynamics

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