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Library of Conceptual Questions (CQs): Kinetics
A 0.100 M solution of X was placed in a Spectronic 20. The Spectronic 20 was set to measure the absorption due to product Y produced by the reaction

X(g) = 2 Y(g)

The concentration of Y was determined after one minute and then each minute thereafter for 23 minutes. A graph of these concentrations is shown.

The equilibrium constant for the reaction X = 2 Y is about

  1. 0.050
  2. 0.09
  3. 0.86
  4. 1.5
  5. Not enough information is given to answer the question.

What are the reaction velocity, the rates of formation of N2 and H2, and the rate of decomposition of ammonia for the decomposition of ammonia on a tungsten surface under the conditions reflected in the figure.

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