The Preface to "Teaching General Chemistry: A Materials Science Companion" lists the many individuals who have contributed to the materials science education project. Those to whom we are particularly grateful for assistance with the production of this CD include Ann Cappellari, S. Michael Condren, David Gan, Jill Gettings, Jerry Jacobsen, Ludwig A. Mayer, and Laura A. Wright. We thank Susan Hixson, David Nelson, Stanley Pine, and Robert Watson of the National Science Foundation and the Foundation for funding for this project. We acknowledge the support of Joan Comstock, Robert Marks, Cheryl Shanks, and Cheryl Wurzbacher of the American Chemical Society. Ken Emerson, Jon Holmes, Elizabeth Moore, and John Moore of JCE Software are thanked for their help. We also thank the many colleagues and students who have given us valuable feedback after use of the material on this CD in classes and in workshops.

Funding for Solid State Resources was provided in part by National Science Foundation USE-9150484, USE-9254107, and DMR-9632527 and Camille and Henry Dreyfus Foundation.

The authors would like to thank Jon L. Holmes and Jaclyn Tweedale for translating the first edition to HTML format.

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