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Library of Challenge Problems (ChPs): Chemical Bonding
A substance is analyzed and found to contain 85.7 % carbon and 14.3 % hydrogen by weight. A gaseous sample of the substance is found to have a density of 1.87 g/L and one mole of it occupied a volume of 22.4 L.

1. What is the empirical formula of the compound?

2. What is its molar mass?

3. What is its molecular formula?

4. What are two possible Lewis structures for molecules of the compound?

5. Consider the three-dimensional shapes that you would get if you built models of the two Lewis structures. Which molecular structure is different at one end from the other end? How would this difference affect its chemical reactivity?

 Home > JCEDLib > QBank > Collection > CQs and ChPs > ChPs > Library ChPs > Chemical Bonding

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