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ChemEd X QBank

Some ChemEd X resources, such as ChemEd X QBank questions with answers, are made available only to those verified as teachers.

Select the teacher-only product from the list above and click 'Add to cart' to begin your order process. Once you have added a teacher-only product to your cart, you can continue to purchase your access using a credit/debit card by clicking the 'Checkout' button to the right.

Only those verifed as teachers are granted access to ChemEd X QBank questions with answers. Upon ordering, you will be asked to provide the address of an accessible page (URL) that shows you are a member of the teaching profession. An example would be a faculty listing at your institution web site that includes your name (the same name you use for your ChemEd X account). Upon receipt of your order, we will attempt to verify that you are a teacher using the information you provide with your order.

Alternatively, if you do not wish to order online, use the or email us from the email address associated with your ChemEd X account stating your intent with the information required to verify you as a teacher to . You will receive an invoice and once it is paid and we verify the information we need, you will be granted access to ChemEd X QBank.

About ChemEd X QBank

Access to ChemEd X QBank is offered on an annual basis.

The ChemEd X QBank collection of questions includes question categories for General Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, and Physical Chemistry. Additional information about the collection is available at .