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Inorganic Molecules: A Visual Database

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Inorganic Molecules: A Visual Data Base contains text and graphics describing 66 molecules and ions commonly used as examples in general chemistry courses. For each molecule, fifteen molecular properties are presented visually by eight or nine different molecular models created by the CAChe Scientific Molecular Modeling program

Flying Over Atoms

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Take a trip where you've never been before--explore solid surfaces at the atomic level with Flying over Atoms.

TA Handbook

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A valuable resource for helping to train teaching assistants, the TA Handbook is available for download at JCE ChemEd X as premium content for ChemEd X subscribers. It is no longer available in print.

The Polymer Primer: A Modular Introduction to Polymer Science

The Polymer Primer is an overview of polymer chemistry and engineering. It is one hundred pages in overall length, and introduces the student to both the chemical and engineering aspects of polymer science. It includes common polymerization approaches, polymer properties, terminology, and applications.

Guidelines On Determining And Reporting Significant Figures In Chemical Measurements

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A measured value has little or no true meaning and thus, it is useless, unless the figures (digits) in that value were deemed to be significant and the significant figures were properly determined and reported. Deciding the appropriate number of significant figures for the reporting of numerical data is not an obvious or easy task.