Work sheet to accompany orbital viewer program

Orbital Viewer, written by David Manthey, is a fantastic program for displaying electronic orbitals.  You can read more about the program here.  I have my students use Orbital Viewer when learning about quantum numbers and their associated rules, electronic orbitals, and other quantum concepts.  I have developed a worksheet that allows students to use Orbital Viewer to explore various concepts related to electronic orbitals.  You can download this worksheet and answer key below.  I would very much appreciate you letting me know if you find any errors in the worksheet or answer key.  Comments are also welcome. 


Quantum numbers, rules for quantum numbers, shells, subshells, orbital shapes, nodes, electronic wave functions.

Time required: 

My freshman chemistry students take somewhere between 30 and 90 minutes to complete the worksheet. 


Orbital Viewer program, freely downloadable .


Students download the program, Orbital Viewer, then follow the procedures listed in the self-paced worksheet.


Almost no time at all is required to set up this activity!  Simply download the program, Orbital Viewer, and have the worksheets available for students to use.  My freshman chemistry students find the worksheet to be quite self-explanatory.


Worksheet/answer key written by Tom Kuntzleman; David Manthey is the author of the Orbital Viewer program.