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PTL, 3rd Edition

Periodic Table Live! allows you to explore a broad range of information about the elements, their reactions, their properties, their structures and their histories.
periodic table navigation Ne F O N C B Ar Cl S P Si Al Mg Na Be Kr Br Se As Ge Ga Zn Cu Ni Co Fe Mn Cr V Ti Sc Ca K Xe I Te Sb Sn In Cd Ag Pd Rh Ru Tc Mo Nb Zr Y Sr Rb Rn At Po Bi Pb Tl Hg Au Pt Ir Os Re W Ta Hf Ba Cs Ra Fr Rf Db Sg Bh Hs Mt Uun Uuu Uub Lu Yb Tm Er Ho Dy Tb Gd Eu Sm Pm Nd Pr Ce La Lr No Md Fm Es Cf Bk Cm Am Pu Np U Pa Th Ac Li He H
Alton J. Banks, Evan M. Davis, Jon L. Holmes, Jerrold J. Jacobsen, John C. Kotz, John W. Moore,
Paul F. Schatz, William R. Robinson, Jaclyn Tweedale, and Susan Young