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License Agreement, JCE Software
Special Issues

Allowed Use of Software and Documentation

If you purchased:

You may install the software onto:
1 copy of Special issue

1 computer

Local Area Network (LAN)
12-user license

1 file server for use on a single LAN with up to 12 different computers
Local Area Network
50-user license

1 file server for use on a single LAN with up to 50 different computers

Library license

1 computer

Wide Area Network (WAN) license,
including World Wide Web (WWW)

Separate licensing required. Contact JCE Software for more information.

Owners of any issue may make as many copies as needed of pages in the Documentation labeled User Reproducible at the bottom.

Copyright Policy

The software and documentation are owned by JCE Software and its suppliers. The software and documentation are protected by United States Copyright and International Treaty provisions. You may not duplicate, reproduce, or transmit in any form or by any means the software or documentation except as set forth above in the Allowed Use section. All such copies must retain the same copyright notices that appear on or in the software and/or documentation.

Commercial use or resale of JCE Software is strictly prohibited. If you have questions regarding permission to use any of the materials in this issue, please contact the editor.

Limited Warranty and Limited Liability

If you discover physical defects in the materials distributed by JCE Software, the affected components will be replaced at no charge to you during a 60-day period from the date of issue. No claims can be allowed for issues lost as a result of insufficient notice of change of address. In no event will JCE Software be liable for direct or indirect damage to the disk or written materials after the subscriber receives the material intact.

Although these programs have been peer reviewed and revised, there is no warranty on JCE Software, either expressed or implied. As a result, the subscriber is purchasing an issue "as is", and assumes the risk as to its quality and performance. JCE Software makes no representation, expressed or implied, with regard to the accuracy of the information contained herein and cannot accept any legal responsibility or liability for any errors or omissions that may be made.

Experiments, laboratory exercises, lecture demonstrations, and other descriptions of the use of chemicals, apparatus, instruments, computers, and computer interfaces are presented in JCE Software as illustrative of new or improved ideas or concepts in chemistry instruction and are directed at qualified teachers. Although every effort is made to assure and encourage safe practices and safe use of chemicals, Journal of Chemical Education Software cannot assume responsibility for uses made of its published materials. We strongly urge all those planning to use materials from our pages and disks to make choices and to develop procedures for laboratory and classroom safety in accordance with local needs and situations.

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