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Nucleic Acids / DNA / RNA
Answers to some questions in JCE QBank are available to chemistry teachers (but not students). To find how to get answers, click the Answers to Questions link at the right.

We encourage you to contribute more questions to any of the JCE QBank collections, or to contribute one or more entire collections of questions. To learn more about contributing, click on the Contribute link at the right.

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* Nucleotides
* Nucleosides
* DNA    
* Base Sequence    
* Oligonucleotides    
* Polymerase Chain Reaction    
* Synthesis    
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JCE Digital Library

Chemical demonstrations done digitally using video, sound, graphics, and hypertext. This collection will enable teachers to learn and to share what they have learned about the most effective demonstration techniques, the latest important safety and waste disposal information, and exemplary pedagogy involving demonstrations.

WWW-deliverable animations, simulations, calculations, and other pedagogically useful items that can be incorporated into classroom presentations, can promote discussion and interaction among students, and can provide new insights through graphic and other non-traditional means.

A collection of Mathcad®, Mathematica®, Maple®, or MATLAB® documents designed to help students learn mathematically intensive aspects of chemistry.