1008. There is often a great deal of confusion regarding the distinction between structures which are in equilibrium and those which are resonance forms. What about the following pairs?

1027. Which Lewis dot structure for NO2+ has the lowest energy?








1031. The enolate anion of ethyl acetate has the following structure:

Which resonance structure has the lowest energy?




1037. How would the bond strength of the double bond in an alkene compare to that of a single bond in the corresponding alkane?

A. The double bond would have the same strength as the single bond.

B. The double bond would have less than twice the strength than the corresponding single bond.

C. The double bond would have exactly twice the strength of the single bond.

D. The double bond would have more than twice the strength of the single bond.

1082. Here is the most important resonance structure of the p-nitrophenol anion:

Is p-nitrophenol more or less acidic than phenol? more

1083. Here is an important resonance structure that shows donation of electron density by the -OH group in p-aminophenol:

Is p-aminophenol a weaker or stronger base than aniline? stronger

1089. The structure below that has an error is:


1090. Converting between the two resonance forms below (left to right) involves electron pushing of:

(A) a lone pair from O to C
(B) a lone pair from C to O
(C) a pi bond to C
(D) a pi bond to O

1121. Chemists determine the activation energy for a reaction by


A. measuring product amounts

B. measuring rates

C. calculating from bond dissociation energies

D. calculating from H values

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